What Includes Top Notch Catering?

Catering is providing food and beverage services to different sites for different events, such as houses, weddings, pubs, hotels, business meetings, exhibitions, conferences, and many other social occasions. Corporate catering deals with executive events, lunches and dinners. Caterers can be independent vendors or even individuals who provide services within particular facilities and departments. Caterers are not just responsible for providing food and beverage; many caterers also manage event décor and quite few aspects of different programs. Their responsibility also includes managing of staff, chefs and others too.

Top Notch Catering

Make sure to put your best foot forward. Make sure you provide high quality services that same clients use you repeatedly. Repeat clients are the best compliment a catering business can get!


A caterer should understand the importance of high quality food, great presentation and reliable services. Whether it is a gathering for executives, A retreat for trainees or the ultimate gathering to impress the clients. Clients should be so happy that they should use your services time and again. Client should not even think about going anywhere else.


High quality caterers should be able to handle all range of menus and provide services from causal corporate gatherings to formal and everything else in between. Corporate catering menu should have complete array of food items.


Caterers should be able to cover different corporate venues and different events out of the offices too. No compromises should be made on punctuality and services even if the venue is a one that is a long way away.


Many factors play a part in providing satisfactory services, many things have to be looked into beforehand, such as number of people, amount of food needed, length of the event and the types of food that have to be served. Timings also have to be looked into seriously.

Other Useful Tips: When figuring out food and beverage, always make sure to round UP. Always try to make an educated guess on what food items will be in demand the most.

Serve safe

Foods such as soft cheeses, cut up fruits, dishes that are not cooked should not be kept at room temperature for more than two hours.


  • In beverages offer drinks such as tea, soda, lemon water, wine and mixed drinks.
  • For buffet-style lunches, make sure to plan on 4 oz and 2 oz meat cheese/person, allowing for not more than one to two sandwiches each.


  • In beverages, serve water with a slice of lemon with other mixed drinks.
  • Depending on the number of courses always, plan three to five d’oeuvre/person
  • Always offer salad, bread and possibly soup and appetizers.

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