Top Truck Troubles

About Top Truck Troubles

The most annoying thing is when your truck starts troubling you. It can be the engine, the loosely dangling doors, and the irksome noise the truck makes when you pull the brakes and many more – aaah! The number of complaints and troubles are endless. Here is a list of top truck troubles with troubleshooting tips for each:



1.  The Body goes Bronze

The top most problems with trucks is that its body goes bronze i.e. is rusted. When you see a tiny hint of rust on the truck body, it’s an alarming sign. Rust gradually makes the metal lose quality and strength which can be problematic.

Troubleshooting Tip – Patch up your truck with sprays that clear your truck of rust. If you ignore it, it’s only going to spread like cancer – weak body, high repair costs and a huge fortune lost in repairs!

2. The Steering goes Slack

Obviously, commercial trucks are used extensively for transportation from one point to the next with the distance between them, cities apart. The regular back and forth travel of commercial trucks wears out the quality of the vehicle with time which slows down steering response, and results in poor steering alignment.

Troubleshooting Tip – Fix the overburdened steering adding steering stabilizers and keeping a regular check on your truck’s steering system.

3. The Lights go Loose

It’s possible that the lights go dim and you literally have to make an effort yourself to look ahead of you while driving at night. When the lights stop serving its purpose, it can be dangerous. Poor lighting can cause fatal accidents, especially during night and winter season when there is heavy fog, rainfall, or snowfall.

Troubleshooting Tip – Get rid of those factory fitted lights and get top quality HID fog lights that provide heightened visibility during extreme weather conditions and are long lasting too.

4. Oil goes Old

One of the most common problems with heavy trucks is that the oil starts leaking which can expose you to many hazards. The oil leaks from the engine and the overheating of the radiator are two significant signs of crucial danger. Driving your truck in such a situation is highly not recommended.

Troubleshooting tip – Make sure to get regular oil change and check up of your car. As soon as you find out about a leak, have it repaired immediately. The oil leakage can result into a fire hazard and thus can be critical.

Many truck dealers sell trucks and trailers from top quality automobile manufacturers. These dealers provide reliable and good quality trucks for rent also on affordable rentals. In case you’re looking for a cheaper option i.e. buying a used truck, then these dealers have that too. However, it’s good to do your research and choose the best suitable truck without any compromise on quality.

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