Water Features to add to your Patio

Water Features to add to your Patio

Water Features to add to your Patio


We know how much you love your patio. You must have designed it beautifully with green shrubs, flowers, rocks, statues, and benches. However, if you still feel that something is missing, you can perhaps add an outdoor water feature. This will not only make the space more attractive but also help you relax by providing the calming trickle sounds to the natural surroundings and pleasant weather. It will provide tranquil focal points to space which will not only grab your eyeballs but also soothe your senses.

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There are various water types of water features that you can choose as per your space, budget, and requirement. For instance, if want a water feature in your patio, lawn, or garden but renovation isn’t in the cards, a fountain can be the best solution. On the other hand, if you are willing to pay more, have ample space, you can install an artificial pond. Whether you have a flat landscape or a sloped backyard, there are various types of Outdoor Water Features in Australia that can compliment your garden. A company that deals with manufacturing and supplying water features can provide an array of styles and designs. While there are various kinds of water features, ponds and fountains are the most common.



A pond is a beautiful water feature that sustains life. Besides being a home to various aquatic plants, fish, frogs, a pond also attracts birds and butterflies. From a cheerful water garden to mesmerizing fish habitat, it comes with various customization options. A serene and tranquil pond enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property. There are various types of ponds that could be designed in different shapes, sizes, and depths. Some of the most common ponds are reflecting pools, water gardens, ornamental ponds, and fish ponds.


Reflecting pools – Reflecting pools are usually a central feature in a garden. With formal, geometric shapes and walking surfaces, such ponds are usually constructed near a decorative landscape feature vibrantly reflecting in the glassy surface of the water.

Ornamental pools – Usually located near a patio, an ornamental pool is designed around an ornamental piece to give it an extravagant look such as a crystalline spray pattern fountain or a bell fountain.


Water gardens – Being a living water feature, a water garden embodies aquatic plants of different colors and textures. It has plants inside as well as outside the perimeter of the pond making a way for a lush natural setting.



If you do not have a big space or do not want the water feature to occupy much space, you can go for just fountains. They come in various shapes and sizes. You can choose a petite or a grand fountain as per your requirement. The beautiful sound of splashing water makes you fall in love with it. A fountain is usually easy to install, which is an added advantage. It can be installed to stand alone or complement your pond, depending on your wish or the design of the space. For instance, if you are looking for a water feature for entry areas and smaller spaces, a wall fountain is perfect as it takes up very little room.


On the other hand, if you want to position a fountain in the middle of a pond, there are water fountains available that make use of a pump to shoot water up into the air or spray water in different patterns. A few interesting designs are described below. There’s a fountain to complement every kind of space, we are sure you will be able to find a fountain which will be perfect for your garden.


Small Oblique with Ball Outdoor Fountain – Small Oblique with Ball Outdoor Fountain features a single water source at the top from which the water falls down the ball into the basin. It again falls down over the edge, trickling down the angled walls to the base. It is perfect for a small space and gives a geometrical counterpoint to your garden, giving it a modern look.


Linear Outdoor Fountain – Linear Outdoor Fountain is a rectangular form of a modern fountain. It also adds a geometrical look to the garden or patio. It is perfect for small gardens. The cast concrete platform has a single water source sparkling up through tiny stones, and down the sides into a shallow pool.


Flourish Water Fountain – The sculptural fountain is square in shape and stands five feet tall giving the look of a striking centerpiece. It has a narrow plane on top creating a waterfall effect. The water trickles down the geometric planes of the sculpture and reaches the small pool at the base.


Echo Wall Fountain – This Echo Wall Fountain resembles a traditional Old-World wall basin giving it a modern look. A single stream of water flows from a metal spout into the basin below, which creates a relaxing trickle sound.