What You Need To Know Traveling With Children

What You Need To Know Traveling With Children

Originally posted on February 16, 2020 @ 7:43 am

What You Need To Know Traveling With Children

Traveling with small children now will not surprise anyone. Pampers, jars of mashed potatoes, cooler bags, hammocks for babies and other gadgets greatly simplify the life of modern parents. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of fear among parents, especially those traveling with a child for the first time. It is terrible that the child might get sick, might scream during the flight if the ears are blocked, or that acclimatization might be difficult. 


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Do not think that vacation with a baby will be similar to vacation before the child was born

The sooner you realize this, the better for everyone. Most likely, there will be no time for reading a book or magazine on the beach, a calm swim in the waves, and relaxation with a cup of coffee. Or it will be in a very truncated form and not when you need it. Visit all the attractions in the area, as you did before, is also unlikely to succeed. Therefore, it is better to make a list of what you want to do, see, buy on a trip in advance. When the first two or three days pass in a new place, you can distribute things from your list evenly by day, without leaving everything at the end of the trip. The main thing is not to panic and not to be upset, but to stay calm and go with the child wherever you want, when he or she is fed and in a good mood.

Keep in mind that a child develops better on a journey than in a kindergarten or in clubs

Any trip is a new experience for a child (hotel, a new park, a different picture on the street), new food, new faces, and different situations. There are no swings and carousels they are used to on the playground, it may suddenly rain and so on. Where else would a child face such things right away? And sooner or later the experience gained will come in handy and in the most unexpected moments.

Treat travel as part of life

What You Need To Know Traveling With Children

When traveling with a child, do not think that traveling is a temporary inconvenience. Thoughts like “oh, we only have to survive the flight” or “we’ll go now, stay elsewhere, and then return home, and everything will be fine” will not give confidence. On the contrary, you will only wait for it to end and you will be at home. Flying on an airplane, traveling by car or train, too, should not be just a time interval during which the body simply moves from point A to point B – this is the same life as everything else.

Don’t worry in advance

Traveling with children seems scary exactly until you have taken the first step. When you are already in the process, then everything is transferred much easier than it seemed on the shore. For example, when I first got on a plane with my three-month-old son, I had to force myself not to panic because he might have his ears stuffed up. I just kept a bottle of water ready. As a result, everything went smoothly, and I jumped to the conclusion that you should not come up with a problem until you face it.

Gather a good first-aid kit and obtain health care coverage

It is better to take out extended child insurance. Yes, it will cost more, but you will sleep better. Check with the insurance company in advance which calls center it works with. Call there and find doctors in the city at the resort where you are going. Ask if the doctor will come on call if necessary or if you have to go to the hospital yourself. Find out where he is and how to get to him.

Take food for the baby on the road

Even if you only fly for two hours and you know that at the airport you will go to a cafe or a business lounge, food and drink for the child should always be with you. This is a rule, which should never be ignored. Moreover, passengers with children are not banned from transporting liquids and other food. First, a child may get hungry already on the way to the airport. Secondly, you can get stuck in the line or during the inspection and do not have time to go to the cafe, since you will have to run onto the plane. Thirdly, the flight can be delayed or postponed.

You can take crackers, dried fruits, cut into pieces, all kinds of bread rolls with granola, cookies, mini-bagels with you. Think about what your baby loves, but what you rarely give to it. Traveling is just such a moment when you can allow eating Chupa-Chups or kinder egg – it will not harm.

Think in advance of the set of toys that you take with you on the plane

Another indisputable rule is there are never too many toys on the road. To organize and come up with an activity for the child on the plane is an important task for the parent. All children are different, and only you can tell what exactly suits your child as entertainment. During the trip, you should become a little magician, who at the most unexpected moment can bring to light a new notebook, a car, a tinker-toy, stickers or pencils.

Prepare your child for the ride

Of course, this item does not apply to infants up to one year old. And with older children, it is worth talking about the upcoming trip. Explain where and why you are going, what you are going to do there. Show your child photos or videos of the sea, mountains, city, or tell an interesting story about a new place. Be sure to tell them about the airport – you can find a beautiful hidden picture book or other books on this subject.

For example, I always told my son about checking in, passport control, customs, answered all his questions and always took a book for him with stickers about the airport. I did not have time to blink an eye, as he learned the whole sequence of actions. From the age of three, he feels at the airport like a fish in the water and tells me what we will do now, looking for a cafe, gate signs and so on.

Ask for help

This is truer for those traveling with children under three years of age. When boarding a plane, for example, families with such babies always miss out of turn. And it saves time and effort and makes life easier. If the priority landing was not announced in the microphone, then you can safely go to the counter and ask if they will let you in. In 99.9% of cases, the answer will be positive.

Remember that children feel good everywhere if their parents are calm

Children instantly feel our condition and mood. They like a sponge absorb what we experience and begin to behave in the same way. I know for myself that if I am in tension, the son instantly picks it up, starts to act up, stops hearing me. Therefore, pre-tune in a positive way, think of the journey not as a vacation, but as a change of scenery and new pleasant experiences.

Quite often, those people who are in love with traveling stop doing that after their children are born. Sometimes, for rational and quite logical reasons, connected with a health condition but more often those are fear and obscurity. In conclusion, let us consider some things, which are myths about traveling with children. Thus, they say that if to travel with kids, it is always a small mountain of things. Also, many believe that to travel with a baby means to spend all the money in the world. Some say, that children are always hungry during a trip. Most people agree that children simply do not care about traveling. And finally, that traveling with children is always difficult and nervous. What has been said above proves the opposite besides from personal experience. Do not fear, do not give up what you enjoy doing, travel if you like traveling and a family is not an obstacle. If you have children, they can make you a good company. Travel together, discover the world together, gain new experience together and enjoy it.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is a former journalist, a translator, a photographer, a traveler, a citizen of the world, a freelance writer who is currently traveling in India while working for http://www.findwritingservice.com and a happy mom who loves her son, loves life and shares love with the whole world.