Atkins Diet Plan- Does It Actually Work For You?

It is a known fact that people have been trying to reduce extra weight since ages. They try various diet plans, exercise schedule and other methods. Some of them get the body, which they want, other give up and feel more depressed. By keeping in view, Dr. Robert C. Atkins invented a diet plan that is popularly known as Atkins Nutritional Approach.
The main of this diet is to improve the food habits of a person and trigger healthy life. This way, the person is capable of losing a significant amount of weight. Besides that, he reduces the risks of various life-threatening diseases such as heart disorders, high blood pressure and diabetes.
What is Atkins Diet?

Atkins Diet Plan
Many  people are not aware of the Atkins diet plan that helps many people around the world. It has also been noticed that Americans rely on this diet heavily for their weight loss regime. This is because the results are simply incredible. This diet works on the basic principle of reducing the intake of carbohydrates from the diet and increase the protein intake. This lowers the weight of a human being without him or her being deprived of the food.
This diet plan is mainly divided into four phases including induction, ongoing weight loss, pre-maintenance and lifetime maintenance. Every phase add or delete some foods containing carbs. This way, the person improves the eating habits and remains health for many years to come.
Four basic principles of Atkins Diet
It works on below mentioned four principles:
• The person loses body weight
• The person maintains body weight
• The person attains healthy life
• The person stays risk free from many diseases
As per the stats shown by the study, over millions of people are following this diet and have taken the advantage. This diet also has contributed a lot to improve the people’s lifestyle. Now, they tend to eat what is good for them. This way, they are able to win over their senses and have food that not only gives them energy but also saves them from serious medical issues.
Does this diet actually work?
This is the first question that comes in everyone’s mind if this diet plan actually works for the dieters. Like any other regime, it is important for them to follow this diet plan religiously. If you keep breaking the rules, you will feel depressed at the end by not getting the desired results. However, the study shows that people following this diet have better blood sugar and blood pressure levels than others do. It also depicts that the diet triggers more weight loss than other diet plans do. Hence, it can be concluded that the diet plan actually works wonders for others.
Despite of the fact that, this diet plan claimed to reduce weight; it was one of the most controversial theory of weight loss diet plan. Not accepted by many health experts initially, it took a while for this diet to actually get the final and positive applaud.
Before following any diet regime and exclude or include any food, it is important to understand its pros and cons. Likewise, you should know how this diet helps people.
Similarly, being familiar with the disadvantages of this diet, you will be alert about how you can deal with them.
Advantages of Atkins Diet
The advantages of this diet regime are explained below:
• A person is capable of losing significant weight from his body. As this diet plan along with the exercise must be followed, the dieter follows a healthy life.
• The dieter can take unlimited fatty foods and protein-based diet. Low carbohydrates will cause controlled blood sugar and blood pressure levels.
• The diet will lower the risk of cardiovascular disorders to a great extent and this has been proven with the studies.
• One of the most important advantages is that this diet is not expensive as other diet plans. Most importantly, the results can be observed in a few weeks only unlike other dietary schedules.
Disadvantages of Atkins Diet
The disadvantages of this diet can be listed as follows:
• Atkins diet is restrictive in nature. Many people find it difficult to follow the plan initially as they have cravings for food containing carbohydrates.
• It has been reported that some people feel nausea and headache when they start to follow the diet plan.
• This diet mainly includes protein based foods such as fish, dairy products and meat. The vegetarians may find it difficult to follow this diet plan.
• This diet may cut down on other important nutrients required by the human body.
By keeping in view its pros and cons, you can choose to follow this diet to lose weight. However, it is recommended to get in touch with the health professionals and dieticians who can make a proper diet plan for you. Stay in shape and stay healthy forever!
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