The Twelve Most Useful Second Languages for English Speakers

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Knowing English is not enough in today’s professional world. You need to know other language to comfortably settle in other countries. Suppose, you are doing an international German project and your work commitment requires your dedication in Germany for two years. It is not easy all the time to move with a translator. Hence, it is necessary to learn second language for professional success.

The demand of English is not so popular in many countries. Though you need to speak English, but to live in non-speaking English countries, you must know the native language of the country to communicate with shopkeeper and passerby. Learning a new language help you develop as a mature person and make you confident in a distant land.

Useful Second Languages

Here are the few second languages that you learn to speak and become the master of your own tongue:

  1. Afrikaans language- This language is easy to learn. There is no specific verb conjugation or gender specification word. So, one can easily learn the language and become master of the same.

  2. French- It is a popular language and many French words also adapt in our English language. So, it has a strong influence in English language world. French is hard to learn from the grammar angle, but it is easy and reliable in the conversation style.

  3. Spanish- The way you pronounce, the way you write. This is the best credibility of this language. You can easily learn this language and hold the proficiency in the language.

  4. Dutch- The language follows English syllable stress and you can learn it very fast. For English speakers, Dutch is the easiest language to speak and learn.

  5. Norwegian- This language comes as a breezy grammar. Word order and syntax is same as English language. Verb is simple without any conjugation.

  6. Portuguese- The interrogative form of the language makes the language in a different way. An English speaker can easily learn the language and it has a rhythmic tone.

  7. Swedish- It is a sing songy language and melodic language. Once you learn this language, you will also fall in love of this language. You can easily master the language and make you feel confident.

  8. Italian- It is a Latin derived language which is quite similar to that of English. So, the language has its own sweetness and you can easily pick up the flow of the conversation.

  9. Esperanto- This language is especially for Indo-European people. The spelling is regular and the grammar rule is easy. You can easily learn the language within a few days.

  10. Frisian- If you are in Friesland, Netherland, and then you must learn this language. The near identical vocabulary with English makes this language easy to speak.

  11. Russian- If you are in Russia for project work, you should become conversation master of this language. It will help you in the long run.

  12. Arabic- In Dubai or any other Middle East Countries prefer to speak in Arabic. Learning this language will give you strong hold in the country.

All the above twelve languages are easy to learn if you show interest. The language course is available in your country or city. You can grab the opportunity and learn second language to become professionally strong. It will help you in the long run as well as in the professional front. These days, learning language is very easy and you need to search online who is the best institution. Once you get the right information, you can easily learn any language at any time. Are you ready to learn second language to increase your vocabulary?

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This article is written by Jean Walker, a guest blogger, she works on few sorts like education, language and home improvement. Education and Home Improvement is her focused era, from the time of college she loves to write on various topics.

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