Facebook Side effect -Reasons why it is ultimate time waster

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How Facebook ultimate time waster

Todays teens, kids want Facebook, and Facebook wants teens, kids ,so Who gains more let  us compare between teens, kids and whether Facebook
Facebook can make you expert in Video games even if you dont have any previous expertise in the field of  Video games
What Facebook give you

 facebook addictive games

Pain in eyes were you can lose eyes if you watch Facebook days and night
Strain in head – If you watch Facebook days and night daily then there are quite possibilities of headache, sleep apnea and mental problems.


Obesity or fatness is root cause of todays teens, kids who watch Facebook days and night without any movement to body or doing any exercises .
Just todays teens daily want’s fun in the form of Facebook and eating junk foods .


People around world are hooked online day and night, even more than 0 hours day to satisfy there mental cravings that they became obese easily.
Loneliness– Even kids nowadays had many girl friends on Facebook than in real Life when parents won’t them to study hard for bright future
But,in reality they have hardly true pals as whole of  more than 0 hours day are spended on internet.
So when it comes to real people or true pals to console pain or appreciate there work no one is around in times of darkness.But you may be lucky that Facebook can give you many friends for life.
Facebook Side effect

What Facebook gives Unlimited Users
so many friends for life that you don’t have time for real friends .Many of online friends which can be identified can be fake ,just became your friends for there mean purposes like lyoust,affairs etc.
Facebook can make you believe you that you can con people easily.

What Facebook gives you is that you become unethical easily that you don’t regret
robbing peoples hard earned money online as well as in real world.


Slowly you become don, that you can be encountered one day for such mistake.
Facebook can make you believe you that you can flirt with gals and play with them.


What Facebook gives you lots of tensions of so many affairs, relationship that can result you in jail for harassment charges.
So, think again if Facebook can give you so many things in Life, and if you misuse it can become sweet poison too.

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