Food Packaging: the Key for Preserving Freshness of Food

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Food is an essential product, for which is extremely important way of packaging. Bad packaging will lead to the spoilage of the goods and, in the worst case, will cause complications to the health of people who consume such foods.

Terms of contemporary food packaging

On the world market, there is still growing demand for fresh, naturally preserved and high-quality food products that are during production as little as possible physically and chemically treated. This trend, for the producers, imposed task to pay special attention to the development of processing methods that extend the duration and which excludes artificial additives and preservatives.

Preserving Freshness of Food

Modern consumer are seeking high quality food that has maintained sensory characteristics of the raw material from which it is produced, and at the same time is safe for health. In order to preserve the original product sensory and nutritional properties of raw materials, it is necessary much more lenient treatment in its production to be applied, especially the milder methods of preservation. For example, in the thermal processes much more lenient regimes must be applied (low temperature, shorter time), or instead of standard cooking procedures should be applied other procedures such as dielectric heating, pulsed electric field, thermal treatment in vacuum, pulsed light. In recent years, more and more applied techniques are those of conservation constraints, which means an application of series of procedural obstacles that present micro-organisms cannot exceed.

These barriers can be, for example: temperature, water activity, pH, redox potential, preservatives and the like. What is a barrier higher, to the micro-organisms can be more difficult to overcome. In the combination of these obstacles every single process in the series can be implemented in a much milder conditions than when used by itself.

There are several ways of packaging food

In this minimally treated food commercial sterility isn’t achieved and, in order to extend its shelf life, special attention must be paid to the choice of packaging material (impermeable to gases and moisture) and the choice of type of packaging.

Despite all precautions and quality of performed operations and technology solutions in these foods is not achieved commercial sterility and is necessary to pay attention to storage conditions, storage temperature and relative humidity in the warehouse. For the packaging of food most frequently used methods are: the modified atmosphere packaging, vacuum packaging and the aseptically package.
Food packaging should preserve the most important features of food

Packaging of food is realizing the following benefits:

–          increasing the life of packaged products,

–          increasing the efficiency of production and distribution and cost reduction,

–          increasing in sales of products that meet the increasingly stringent demands of consumers for natural preservation of the quality of food without additives or preservatives;

–          increasing in total sales because such packaged products can be offered on new markets

–          stronger packaging-greater flexibility of packaging and distribution,

–          better appearance.

That’s not all. A few useful tips for food storage

What do we know about keeping of food in the fridge? We probably know a lot, but it doesn’t hurt to ask and remind ourselves of some rules. When placing food in the fridge, you should take care of following items:

Place the food in the boxes (adequate Food packaging) in order to protect from dry air in the refrigerator. In this way, you keep nutritive value of your food.

Good packaging prevents the spread of unpleasant odors in the refrigerator. You do not want that your cake smells like onion or garlic, right?

Fresh meat never put in a plastic container. Why? Any plastic packaging can cause the spread of bacteria. You have to use a different type of packaging. Defrosted meat can be kept in the refrigerator for 48 hours before cooking.

Fish, juices and vegetables should never be returned to the original metal containers, because food reacts with the metal and gets a metallic taste. You have to move food in tightly sealed plastic or glass container.

If you made a large amount of food, don’t throw it never. Remember: There are people who don’t have any money for food! Be responsible and put the leftovers in small containers which are perfectly closed.

It is necessary to protect the food from spoilage, but also to provide less exposure to undesirable changes in foods during the manufacturing process. Packaging process is one of the most critical phases of the process of obtaining healthy and safe final product. It is possible to buy wanted food packaging online. Go to Allinpackaging and you will be able to find all needed information about important features and prices of their products. So, it is the easiest way to buy quality food packaging.

Anyway, the famous novelist, Franz Kafka, said: “So long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all questions for the time being”.

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