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There are many benefits to taking a private leasing car. You get to drive a reasonably new vehicle without having to spend a huge amount of money or borrow. You also needn’t worry about selling the vehicle when you are ready to renew it. However, one of the best things about a private leasing car is that newer car engines are incredibly fuel efficient and with the ever increasing cost of energy this will save you lots of money.

The key is choosing a vehicle that takes advantage of all of these benefits and when you do this you will be made up for the duration of the term for your private leasing car.

One of the first considerations to make is what exactly you use your car for. Do you need a vehicle that can ferry the kids around or do you need something small for whizzing around town. You might even be in a position to treat yourself for all the hard work that you have done and go for something big and luxurious.

The cost of a private leasing car is largely determined on what the value of the vehicle will be when the term of lease has concluded. So when you are looking at your private leasing car options always consider how well a car holds its value. Obviously the German car manufacturers are renowned for building cars that last well and are, therefore, great at keeping their value, even after years of use. This makes these manufacturers’ models well worth considering when it comes to choosing your private leasing car.

Something like a VW Golf 1.6TDi Bluemotion is the all round choice of kings because it has everything that a modern family could want from a private leasing car. It is slightly larger than its predecessors although it weighs around 100kg less. The new 1.6 diesel engine is extremely economical when it comes to fuel consumption and its low emissions can help you do your bit for the planet. The more than comfortable ride is a pleasure as there are lots of gadgets to keep you smiling, and VWs are famous for keeping their resale price high which will please the private leasing car company. So if you want a great middle of the road ride then you could do far worse.

For something a bit smaller then you might like to get VW Polo or even an Up, which can come with an electric motor that is perfect for town work. Or for something bigger then there are still the Touran, Touareg and Passat from VW to consider as all are great cars and should be available for very reasonable private leasing car deals. However, when you move into the luxury side of private leasing car choices then you have to look at the other German manufacturers such as BMW, Audi or Mercedes as these are the real Kings of the road.

When you chose the right one the benefits of a private leasing car are there to be had, just stick to what you have learnt and you won’t go far wrong.

Author bio: Bernard Berry is a car mechanic with 30 years of experience in the car maintenance. He is also a writer for different car affiliated websites such as the danish Volkswagen Privat leasing golf bil campaign. Many of his articles are dedicated to the financial value of keeping an old car running and the benefits of buying a new car.


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