Best New Year Eve Travel Destinations

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What are the Best New Year Eve Celebration Travel Destinations?

New Year eve is an event celebrated in nearly every country. China is very unique since it celebrates its Chinese New Year and Georgian calendar New Year as well. The celebration of New Year is covered live as many major news channels show by every time zone as the 0 hour reaches and celebration starts along with fireworks. There is a very famous saying that no one sleeps on a New Years Eve and seems like a fact if we see the media going around the cities. The whole Africa and Asia counts the seconds down till it clocks 00:00. The ecstasy is amazing and worth experiencing as the parties stop just to count down those last 60 seconds and then explode at the exact zero hour. The parties that happen on the main venues are talked about the whole following year till people get the chance to talk about the one happening on the next New Year eve. Many major companies use these parties of New Year as their major brand advertisement campaign.Best New Year Eve

Few of the most famous places to be around the world on New Year eve are mentioned below:

Las Vegas  USA

The destination is on the top, there is no other bigger happening place than Las Vegas. The city also known as sin city is the best anyone can get. It has so many amazing things to do and parties to attend starting a day before New Year eve. The city is usually fully booked; casinos jam packed and full commercial flights along with chartered flights landed within few days before the New Year eve. I would love to agree with a saying that whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?, but that is not exactly true. The whole internet and media is flooded by amazing parties and New Year celebrations happening on that very eve in Vegas.

Sydney  Australia

One of most amazing places that people choose as their New Year eve destination is Sydney. The city attracts more than 1.5 million visitors to the party and happening area of the Sydney to celebrate New Year eve. The New Year is welcomed with amazing fireworks on the harbor. The botanic garden and ride of the wheel are few things on the harbor people queue to get in. The music in every area is different so one has to choose area according to their choice music. The most spectacular thing to look for is the glowing symbol of the year on the bridge. Since its unknown before it appears, people take image of them for the purpose of getting photo on cheap canvas prints , to be hung on their walls.

New Year’s Resolution

London  UK

The most famous place with historical background and home to queen is the capital of UK. London is literally buzzing with ecstasy when it comes to New Year night. People make their way to Trafalgar Square in Central London to get the biggest open air party started. Few people choose to go for London eye to get a better view of celebration on bank of river Thames. It is believed that more than 250,000 people are on the streets of central London for the New Year celebrations. The fireworks are no less than anywhere else in the world and offer some amazing view for the spectators.

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