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The demand for visual effects professionals or VFX professionals is more than ever before. VFX jobs are highly lucrative since visual effects play a major role in most of the modern motion picture projects. Jobs for VFX professionals today are available for various creative environments, ranging from film studios to television sets and even advertising firms. Let us look at the profile of a VFX professional.


VFX artists need to hold a bachelor’s degree in graphic design or any other similar field. Some artists may be able to find job with just a two-year associate degree. However, since this industry is highly competitive, higher education may increase the chances of landing a job in this field.


VFX artists usually need to understand the script or plot outline of the project and work directly with the producers or directors to determine what effects can be implemented. VFX artists then utilize various computer software programs to create the preferred effects. VFX artists may also work together with scriptwriters and production staff to outline the effects.


VFX jobs are often deadline-driven, and therefore, VFX artists should be competent enough to work efficiently. VFX artists working in the film or television production industry has to produce exceptional work within the least amount of time. Since visual effects job is intense, the VFX artist should be able to work well under pressure. Furthermore, the VFX artist should be prepared to work for long hours.


As said, the VFX jobs are highly lucrative. A talented VFX artist can easily earn a salary of £30,000 to £60,000 per annum.

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