What makes Uganda the pearl of africa

  Below are reason what makes uganda the pearl of africa
To be in pearl,it is being in Paradise.Because of beautiful waters of L.Victoria around which we have the beaches,landing sites,and the breezes which makes you fresh.  
Talking of the beautiful glaciers on Mt.Rwenzori a.k.a mountain of the moon found in Eastern Uganda.
what makes uganda the pearl of africaStill in the Western region there are many species of birds and animals like flamingoes,Elephants,Zebras,Giraffes,Lions,Hyenas and so many more all kept in the national game parks like Queen Elizabeth,Kidepo, Bwindi impenetrable.  
Still blessed to have many water bodies like L.Albert,L.Kyoga,L.Edward whereby some Ugandans get food stuff like Tilapia,mud fish,and other aquatic life.
The Pearl has dams like Bujagali,Owen falls dam which provide H.E.P.Not forgeting the lovely people which comprise of more 0 tribe.How Lovely to in the Pearl.

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