You need not be perfect to make her swipe right, just be right


You need not be perfect to make her swipe right, just be right

Men and women are both fishing online dating app to find the best fit partner to start their relationship with. Though the Tinder app gives the option to swipe right to choose the best partner and swipe left, if not interested, most of the men on the online dating app swipe right because they are non-discriminatory. Guess that they forgot that there is an option to swipe left.

Chances of meeting people is higher


perfect to make her swipe right

A research result shows that most of the men in the online dating app, Tinder like almost all the women on the app, while the women are selective while choosing the profile. Also, the research showed some shocking news about online dating

A fake female and male Tinder profile were created by the researchers at the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group, Sapienza University of Rome and the Queen Mary University that showed that women are more choosy in swiping the profile, while almost most men swipe right easily. The fake female profile was liked by many men, but the fake male profile received only 0.6 percent likes.

And the other shocking news from the research was that the men who actively like all the female profiles are less likely in sending the messages to the person. Only 7 percent of the men who matched the profile sent messages to the profile and the women, on the other hand 21 percent of them messaged the fake profile that they liked. The reason for men to be like this is because they receive only few matches that drop their standards, while female profile gets more matches that have made them  pickier.

Why he swipe right most of the time
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Men literally swipe right in most of the cases and the reason was unknown. But when some of the men revealed their thought, the reason was brought to the limelight.

One of the men from the Tinder said that the reason for him to swipe right to most of the profile is because he gets the chance to meet many number of women. According to him, he thinks that each one of the women has a personality and that swiping right will lead him to meet the person with the right personality that he was expecting.

Speaking with more number of women gives the Tinder men an opportunity to know more about the person and their personal likes, dislikes and interests. The act of swiping right to the profile will match with all the women who most likely are interested in that man, and leads to find out people who find him attractive and the women who are willing to match with him.

Thought all the matches does not end up on a perfect date, it gives the opportunity to meet that women, talk to her and know more about her. This also helps men in acting in a more refined way while approaching a woman next time on the dating app.

She is choosy while swiping right

When women swipe right and like a profile, then we can confirm that she has all the intention to text that person and that is the main reason she is quite choosy in selecting a person on the online dating app.

The online dating app is a large ocean that has a whole lot of fishes and looking for the best catch is possible only when the user follows a selective approach. And by swiping all the profiles to the right are a waste of time, it might consume a lot of time in unnecessarily selecting the profile that does not match with the interests or likes of the user.

Make her swipe right

When women are selective in approaching a profile, definitely there have to be some things that really impresses her and forces her to swipe right. So there has to be a perfect tool that will make her decide to choose the profile. Here are some of the dating hacks that will draw her attention towards your profile.

Say cheese, but don’t spoil it

The photo is a minute part that defines who they are in the real world and a good picture helps her to say yes or no. Even a good looking and a macho man can lose the opportunity to meet the girls on Tinder because of the bad pose. There are some tricks in posing for the photo that can be uploaded as a profile picture.

Shirtless pictures are the first ones that are rejected. The profilers can be strong and masculine, but when it comes to profile picture it is no go option. And snaps with pout, wink and tongue out are really not going to impress the women, so it is better to avoid posting these kinds of photos. Some men tend to post the selfies and that too with crazy poses. Some of the photos to be avoided are the photos with grins, posing next posh cars, playing with pets, a big no to the bar shots, avoid properties that block the face- like googles and sunglasses.

The best options to post profile pics are a combination of body shots and head shots, so that the person can have a clear view of the face and also the general physique of the person like the height, weight and other things. A single clean shaven shot, though women like beard-men; just let her know how clean you can be. Always pose with puffed up chest and prideful look and don’t forget that you look more handsome with the smile on your face.

Show yourself and not your entire squad

Posting the photo of the entire gang of friends on the dating app will make everything go wrong. There are chances for the women to get attracted to your friend and the chances of meeting a potential partner become a dream.

Attract the users to focus only on you and not on the others, so it is better to post alone rather than in groups. No matter the person is a pet lover, spend more time with family and friends, a dedicated gamer- avoid posting the group photos. Remember, it is not a social media site, where you can share your pleasant and memorable shots- it’s for God sake a dating app.

Control your emotions wordsmith

Within a few seconds a woman selects a profile, so she has no time to read the life history of the person. The dating profiles must look short and impressive, it must cover all the important information about the person, but it should not be lengthy.

Avoid using intimate expressions and phrases in the profile, and also forget that the women on the dating app are not small kids to get impressed with the tinderella captions. People who show off about their achievements and glories are rejected. Simply share your thoughts, like and passion in a proper way.

Give it a shot by trying all these tips and modify the profile picture and the biography and you will be surprised to see women selecting your profile. Well, after being matched with many women profiles. Makes sure to always act true to you and never overboard while chatting. A successful match can lead to an exciting date or a lonely night.


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Anand Rajendran is the CEO and Co-Founder of ZoPlay, a web design and mobile app development company located in India. Datingo is the latest dating app created by his company with tinder clone scripts that allows the users to find their matches who have common interests.


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