13 Cities and Places You Need To Know In Mexico

Organizing a trip through Mexican territory is an art. After all, there are so many cities and places to meet in Mexico, that deciding which ones to include in our script, and which ones we will leave out, can become an endless dilemma.

To complicate matters further, when we finally choose which destinations to visit, we may find that they are thousands of miles distant, and that moving between them requires a little viable logistics.

In this case, the best thing to do, in my opinion, is to change the route. Even because, you will gradually realize that knowing all the incredible places that are in Mexico in a single trip, is not a reality for most travelers. Either for lack of time, or money.

What is not a problem, after all, Mexicans do not get tired of welcoming us with open arms. Be one, two, three, or as many times as necessary, to know all these cities and places that I will indicate next.

# Top places to visit in Mexico

1- Mexico City

Travelers who like vibrant metropolises will want to spend a full month in the Mexican capital alone. Which would not be a bad idea, as there are plenty of attractions and places to see in Mexico City?

Book at least four full days of your trip to get lost in its dozens of museums, parks, restaurants, bookstores and historic buildings.

For nightlife, the quaint La Condesa neighborhood is one of the liveliest neighborhoods in the city.

Some of the convenient tourist attractions for a first trip are: Historic Center (Zócalo), Mirante da Torre Latinoamericana, Bosque Chapultepec and the National Museum of Anthropology.

2- Pyramids of Teotihuacán

Less than seventy miles from Mexico City. The Archaeological Zone of Teotihuacán is one of those walks essential turn-round for those who go to the Mexican capital.

Unlike other ancient cities that exist in the country, many facts about the civilization of Teotihuacán are still a mystery to this day. Of course there are some hypotheses about its history, but none of the theories is unanimous among researchers.

Despite this, one thing is certain, it is impossible not to be impressed by the grandeur of the temples and buildings that are there.

3- Puerto Vallarta

Anyone who thinks that only of Caribbean lives the Mexican beaches is very deceived. Although not known for the Rivera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, which is located on Riviera Nayarit – Pacific Coast – also, has its value.

Besides the landscapes worthy of postcard, expect to find a structure beyond there diversified, and a lively astral.

4- Puebla

Just two hours by bus from Mexico City, Puebla is one of the most emblematic historical places in the country. And while its colonial buildings alone are worth every trip, fate offers so much more.

For those who do not give up eating well during the trip, this is the opportunity to taste some of the most Mexican dishes that exist, among them the Mole Poblano.

Other places equally deserving of attention by these bands is the town of Cholula and the imposing Popocatepetl Volcano, which are less than thirty minutes from Puebla.

5- Oaxaca

Another cultural destination, gastronomic and with beautiful natural scenery is the city of Oaxaca.

In the city itself, it’s worth reserving a full day to hit the leg for its historic center and markets. And besides, other attractions you should not miss are the natural pools Hierve el Agua, the ruins of Mitla and Monte Albán, as well as a Mezcal factory – a typical Mexican drink, a relative of tequila.

6 – Puerto Escondido

Away from the glitz of the Riviera Maya, Puerto Escondido, which is on the Pacific Coast 250 kilometers from Oaxaca, is one of the most authentic and unpretentious prairie villages you can meet in Mexico.

Tourism, of course, has already come from these sides. However, the travelers who come here are in search of tranquility and do not make a point of sophistication, or want to know their perfect waves.

Yes, Puerto Escondido is one of those points for surfer no fault. But that nevertheless fails to attract ordinary travelers who want at most to balance in a beach chair.

7- San Cristobel de las Casas

Located in the state of Chiapas, San Cristobal de las Casas was one of the most pleasant surprises I had during my trip to Mexico.

The destination, which is close to a border with Guatemala, has everything that a typical colonial city can offer: graceful buildings, bars and restaurants at will, street markets, and, best of all, friendly prices.

Although its historical center can be traversed in just one day, it is worthwhile to reserve more time to know some places that are in the region and that I will indicate in the next topic.

8- Cascadas El Chiflón and Canion del Sumidero

Two places you can meet in Mexico, on walks back from San Cristobel, are the El Chiffon Waterfalls Ecotourism Center and the Cañion del Sumidero, both located about 100 kilometers from San Cristobel, but in opposite directions.

Although it is possible to reach these places by public transport, it is worth hiring the tour with some agency. Besides the ride being more comfortable and not requiring so many hours on the road, the prices are quite reasonable. Proof of this is that doing everything on your own will not make you save a lot of money.

9- Palenque

Also in the state of Chiapas, another place to visit in Mexico is the Archaeological Site of Palenque, which is a few miles from the small town of the same name.

Although not as imposing as other Mayan buildings, Palenque was one of the most influential cities of the time, mainly because of its strategic location.

10- Merida

Despite its almost one million inhabitants, Merida is a destination that offers a pleasant and organized environment uncommon in cities of this size.

Considered one of the most important cultural centers of the country, thanks to its dozens of museums and events of its kind, the city is a perfect stop for those who want to combine urban places and the Caribbean beaches in the same trip.

In addition, Merida offers good options of accommodations and restaurants, for all tastes and pockets.

11- Riviera Maya

Old known among Brazilians, the Riviera Maya is not popular with us for no reason. There are plenty of places that can impress us because of the water that seems to have been carefully painted.

Whether in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum, the azure sea will be the great attraction in all these Mexican cities. However, as if that alone was not enough, we are still presented with various ways of exploring it.

Caribbean Sea next to Mayan ruins? Ready. Caribbean Sea with foot resorts in the sand? Ready. Caribbean Sea within theme parks? Ready.

Not to mention the islands – like Isla Mujeres and Cozumel – and the cenotes, which yield a chapter apart?

12- Chichen Itza

There are those who travel to Mexico with the sole intention of knowing this place. What is understandable, after all, the ancient Mayan city was elected in 2007 as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Regardless, the truth is that the archaeological zone, in fact, impresses by the great constructions and good state of conservation.

Best of all, the place is relatively close to the Riviera Maya. Therefore, failing to take a ride back from the Mexican Caribbean to Chichen Itza would be a tremendous hesitation.

13- Bacalar

Located near the border with Belize and three hours from Playa del Carmen, Laguna Bacalar offers waters as blue and crystalline as those of the Caribbean Sea. And, unlike the cities used as a base in the Riviera Maya, tourism in these bands is less frantic.

Do you really want to relax with a stunning landscape? Go, without thinking twice, to Bacalar.

# Bonus: Los Cabos

Tourist buzz mainly among travelers from the United States and Canada, Brazilians gradually begin to consider Los Cabos as a place to meet in Mexico.

And it’s about time, since this destination located in the region known as Baja California, does not leave anything to be desired.

Besides the beaches and breathtaking landscapes, the structure there is quite adequate.