15 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools to Help you Grow

15 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools to Help you Grow

With the world turning to digitalize itself so rapidly, almost every company seeks to spread its reaches in the digital mode. From educational services to escape room businesses to real estate, every sector has created an online channel of business operations. So, it is obvious how important digital marketing is in the context of the modern world.  

Companies and businesses are experiencing almost unprecedented growth as they slowly digitalize themselves. Their products and services are now accessible to a wider section of people than was possible earlier.  

However, with the growth of the digital markets, entrepreneurial ventures in every industry have grown in number too. The market is now more competitive than ever, and it has become crucial for organizations to stand apart from the crowd to sustain business and ensure growth.  

Let us take a look at the 15 top-rated digital marketing tools that can help grow your business and facilitate your survival in this competitive market!  

  1. Mailchimp 

Your digital marketing strategy will soon feel the need for email marketing channels that help keep you up to date with your leads. Mailchimp is an ideal tool for this purpose.  With this program, you will now have access to some vital marketing operations such as sending automated emails, receiving and sharing analytical data, and so on.   

  1. Hootsuite 

Managing your social media accounts properly is crucial for maintaining and regulating your business digitally. However, managing so many social media accounts at once can be quite tedious. But, with the help of Hootsuite, things become so much easier!  

With this tool, you can regulate and control all your social media accounts from a single platform. You can even automate your posts, control the contents that you have posted and even manage your conversations seamlessly via one platform.  

  1. Google Analytics 

This free analytical tool by Google can provide you with the best keywords to promote your business. Further, it can also give you access to valuable analytics that show how and where the general audience is driven towards.  

  1. Buzzsumo 

Using a tool like Buzzsumo can help you assess the market and market trends of your business effectively. By doing so, you can then align your strategies and plan accordingly to hit the market more impactfully than before!  

  1. Adobe Sign 

A digitalized business operation needs a digitalized data record. So, paper documents are slowly losing relevance in several business processes. And since digital documents have replaced hard copies, the need for digital signatures is very significant. Using a tool like Adobe Sign can help make your digital signatures very efficient and easy.  

  1. Canva 

Visual appeal makes a lot of difference in digital marketing. The better your content looks, the better it sells. While bigger corporates usually invest in independent graphic designers to come up with original designs, a tool like Canva is a life savior for small and medium companies who do not need to prioritize graphic designing right away. Canva comes with a ton of customizable templates for different categories of content and helps you achieve a polished, professional appearance on digital platforms.  

  1. Moz 

Moz is one of the best all-rounder tools for managing and maintaining digital marketing strategy, with its various fascinating features and functions. On the one hand, while it can provide you with the best keywords to use, and on the other hand, it can help you with creating more comprehensive SEO strategies. 

  1. Kissmetrics 

If you are looking for a tool that can help you check and analyze the people who visit your website, then Kissmetrics is the right option for you. It enables you to analyze the general trends of your audience and thereby regulate your business accordingly.  Though this software has no free versions, it is definitely worth the investment. 

  1. Trello 

Every business requires a proper way to organize its daily posts, publications, and content. Trello can make these things much easier for you! With this tool, you can smoothly schedule your daily posts, manage your teams, and even assign topics to your employees!  

  1. Visme 

If you wish to add a more graphical data representation in your digital marketing plan, then surely go for Visme! This tool lets you create beautiful graphic designs and visuals that attract more audiences. For businesses and individuals who tend to focus more on research and analytical work, this tool can be immensely helpful.  

  1. Asana 

Asana is a great tool to make collaborations with y. our team seamless. Managing tasks and goals, assigning tasks to your team members, identification of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses can be easily made with this software. Your team members can also upload and update their present work situations in this tool as and when required!  

  1. Hubspot marketing 

This tool comes with a huge array of different types of features that help with different operations. Firstly, it lets you follow up with potential leads via forms and live chat options. Secondly, by using its integrated CRM technology, you can analyze your audience with ease. Lastly, the paid version of this tool gives you access to advanced marketing tools that can further enhance your business!  

  1. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer 

As you know, the creation of headlines and content must be strategically made in a way that attracts more audiences to your business. With CoSchedule, you can easily create much more provocative headlines to grab the attention of your viewers quicker.   

  1. Readability tool by Webpage FX 

Your content will surely fall flat if it does not appeal to your target audience. Thus, making your content suitable to the needs and desires of your audience is vital. Using this tool will help you to make the necessary changes to your content as per the readability of your viewers.  

  1. Facebook advertising 

There is no denying that Facebook as a social media platform has immense potential in promoting and expanding your business. Facebook Ads provide both a complex and simplistic way of creating ads to attract viewers. If you can nail the different parameters of the ads, your brand visibility and awareness can grow exponentially.  

With the efficient use of these 15 digital marketing tools, you can expand your business on the digital platform with productive results. Now, all of these might not be relevant for your particular organization. Remember, the key is to first understand the needs of your specific business and then look for tools that can help you enhance your company’s performance on online platforms. If you already know what type of features and amenities you are looking for, picking the right tool becomes a cakewalk. 

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