7 Best Carvaan with Features and Specification, You Should Buy

7 Best Carvaan with Features and Specification, You Should Buy

If you are a fan of the old Hindi classics, you should get your hands on the Saregama Carvaan.

Have you ever been fascinated by the musical tunes of the past? If yes, you must invest in a Saregama Carvaan that comes locked and loaded with unlimited songs from the golden decades of Indian music. This portable music player is designed to be your constant melody companion, even when you’re out and about, completing your daily chores. Equipped with a range of new-age features like Bluetooth and USB support, Saregama Carvaan has successfully blended the retro with the modern!

From ’90s Bollywood songs to the ’70s Kishore and Lata classics, a Saregama Carvaan model comes loaded with all the fuel you’ll need to journey through musical decades of the past. Since there are quite a few Carvaan models available in the market, we’ve created the following list of the best seven models to help you make your choice.

1. Saregama Carvaan Premium

Rewind time to bring back the golden retro era in style with this fantastic Saregama Carvaan Premium model. This portable digital audio player comes loaded with 5000 evergreen Hindi songs that are sure to transport you back to the golden age of Hindi music! Equipped with in-built stereo speakers, a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 5 hours, and a convenient jog-dial that seamlessly changes song categories, this model also doubles up as your home radio with its FM tuning option.

2. Saregama Carvaan Gold with Remote

If you crave the yesteryear classics, this Saregama Carvaan Gold model is just the pick for you! Whether you’re an R. D. Burman fan or a Kishore fanatic, you’re sure to love the 5000 preloaded timeless classics on this Carvaan model. Since the preloaded songs on the Saregama Carvaan Gold model are categorized according to singer, lyricist, music composer, and actor, your task of tuning into your favourite playlist becomes exceptionally simple. 

To add to this list of benefits, you can use Bluetooth support or an AUX-in cable to pair the Saregama Carvaan Gold remote with your phone or tablet. And, of course, the golden finish of this Carvaan looks decadent!

3. Saregama Carvaan Mini

Now, reliving the beauty of the evergreen songs sung by the maestros of the Hindi music industry is as easy as turning on your Saregama Carvaan Mini. This portable music player comes loaded with 351 classics that effectively transport listeners back to the good old days of Hindi music. Equipped with several top-notch features like Bluetooth, USB, and FM radio tuning, this Saregama Carvaan model, is the ideal audio partner for all your retro jamming sessions. Available in various colour variants, this Carvaan Mini version is the perfect embodiment of the stylishly classic era its songs seek to encapsulate!

4. Saregama Carvaan Mini Gurbani

Get acquainted with your spiritual side with the new Saregama Carvaan Mini Gurbani model. This specially curated portable music player comes preloaded with 100 songs that are paths and Bhajans from various Sikh Gurus. This Mini Carvaan model also offers Bluetooth and USB support to its users, allowing them to tune into their song archives without much effort. With its 4-hour battery life, users can listen to spiritual songs without being disturbed by those cumbersome recharging interludes.

5. Saregama Carvaan Hindi

As the very first prototype to be released, the Saregama Carvaan Hindi model is undoubtedly one of the best Carvaan variants available in the market. This USB and Bluetooth-enabled model comes with a headphone jack to help you listen to your favourite evergreen classics even when you’re on the go. The in-built stereo speakers help enhance the quality of the sound output, ensuring you get to enjoy your favourite retro classics in high-resolution audio. 

Navigating through its handpicked song collection of 5000 classics is super-easy, thanks to the displayed categorization buttons on the body of this Carvaan model. This allows listeners to filter their song choices by moods, artists, and geet mala. To simplify matters, Saregama has fitted this Carvaan model with an LCD screen that displays the details about the song being played on the device.

6. Saregama Carvaan M.S. Subbulakshmi

This Mini Carvaan model is dedicated to the mesmerizing singing talent of the classical legend, M. S. Subbulakshmi. As a treasure trove of 251 enchanting M. S. Subbulakshmi songs, this Carvaan model features the very best devotional and Carnatic songs voiced by the evergreen legend. Weighing just 210gms, this compact yet powerful portable music player is the best gift you can present to an M. S. Subbulakshmi fan. With Bluetooth v4.0 support, this Carvaan model can instantly connect to your smartphone or laptop to stream gems from your music collection.

7. Saregama Carvaan Mini Bengali

From Tagore’s classics to Manna Day’s evergreen compositions, you get to enjoy it all on the Saregama Carvaan Mini Bengali model. Dedicated to the soulful musical culture of Bengal, this Carvaan model allows listeners to seamlessly alternate between Hemanta Mukherjee’s poetic brilliance to the poignant Nazrul geetis penned by Kazi Nazrul Islam. This model’s compact size and long-lasting battery life allow its users to listen to their favourite tracks even when on the move. Available in vibrant red and blue colour variants, this Carvaan Mini version is a definite must-have for all those who crave to listen to the melodic brilliance of the yesteryear Bengali legends.

Since each of these Saregama Carvaan comes with its niche collection of songs, picking the ideal one for yourself will depend on your personal music preferences. Nonetheless, irrespective of which model you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the alluring brilliance of this portable music player! Make your purchase a lucrative one by opting for an interest-free deferred payment plan when you decide to buy a Saregama Carvaan online. To shop for your favourite Saregama Carvaan model with an affordable No Cost EMI plan, visit the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store today!


If you’re a fan of the bygone musical decades, you must opt for the Saregama Carvaan. Designed to bring back the golden age of music, Saregama Carvaan models come loaded with songs that fit your every mood and occasion. Covering everything from retro Bollywood classics to regional masterpieces, a Carvaan is the ultimate portable music partner one could hope for! In this article, we’ve listed the top seven Carvaan models that come equipped with top-notch features and specifications to help you streamline your search for the ideal portable music partner.

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