20 ways to make money online in india 2021

How to Earn Money Online- Guest Post

Money is not everything but besides basic needs, it gives you a way out from uncertainties of life and helps in getting new opportunities to enjoy a quality life and achieve life’s goals.


“If you do not find how to form money while you sleep, you’ll work until you die.” – Warren Buffett

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Money allows us to acquire new things, new experiences and in order to make more money, it’s one of the most important things in nearly everyone’s life even if you’re not someone who has a materialistic mindset we all need money nowadays for better survival and we all know the internet has created millions of money-making opportunities. The hard part is deciding what actually works.

This year is a gift to you after 2020, the pandemic is still continuing but it well taught us lessons in terms of the need for money.


Before we get started it’s really important that you know that you can make money online that is the beauty of the internet it has decentralized and democratized business so you don’t have to have a high school diploma or a college degree or a fancy job title or any prior experience to know how to make money online you just have the ability to learn and take action.

Answers related to FAQs related to earn money online like:


How can I make money from home in 2021?

How can I make $100 a day on the internet?

How can I make money right now?

How do I make an extra $1,000 a month?

How to make money?

How to make money online?


Here, you we go with the answers:-


Affiliate marketing is one of the most favored ways to making money online. It is the most stable way to generate income online yet throughout the years. When you add affiliate links of products, software, apps, and more to your own websites, blogs it will earn income for you as commission from sales by promoting it. You can tag and add as many affiliate links to single blogs or pages.

The best part is you can generate affiliate links of any e-commercial sites, companies from Shopify to amazon, uber, and all. You can get a good amount of money from these companies when they got increasing in there sales by getting traffic from your links. Financial niches, health and fitness, and tech niches are especially booming nowadays.


  • Become a High-Paid Remote Freelancer

I think freelancing is the easiest way to make money online let’s take an example if you are a content writer who can write articles, blogs, Resume and Cover Letters, Book & eBook Writing, Podcast or Scriptwriting, Speechwriting, etc., you can market you these skills by finding clients who pay you for these writing skills.

You can get clients from Upwork, Fiverr, freelancer, and others including Fb groups. They will pay you 100-200$ dollars in starting, I know many freelancers who got paid $500-$1000 per article posts. If you are not getting clients then make a strong portfolio where you can post your skills for free if you are interested in niches.


  • Online store with dropshipping products

Dropshipping is a business model or method by which you can sell the products of third parties from the drop shipping company to the customers without even seeing or shipping an item.

The profit is what you charge to a customer at your sites to the dropshipping company charges on that products. It is the most popular way to make income. Many entrepreneurs focusing on making some strategy to this.


  • start blogging

People who know to write can choose a niche as their interest on and start writing by purchasing domains and hoisting then build a portfolio and a start blog. It is the oldest form of generating online money.

You can start your blogging carrier by many platforms like bloggers, WordPress, etc., and while writing a blog remember to use very informative content with specific tight focus keywords and not containing any kind of plagiarism. These things may take you to an intermediate level where beginner don’t keep their mind a copy content from another website and thinking they are Publishing a blog.

In blog, it opens many doors of income i.e., affiliate marketing and runs ads from AdSense approval.


  • Sell EBooks and courses

Sharing knowledge and experience is an evergreen method to earn money online .you can sell it on your websites if you have a good number of audience and traffic to your sites.

To create a successful course you need to research works like how other courses be like of your content ad how their reviews? And what people want changes in their complaints and at last publish and positive aspects of people like rave about.

If you sell it on Udemy there no need for promotion otherwise when you decide to post on your site then lots of promotion increases. Just remember that you have to provide order low best quality of information and if you don’t do so then your article, a blog will not come in the google rank



  • sell your photography and graphic designer

Those who have little skills in photo-shooting, InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop can earn $25-$300 per hour, depending on your experience.

 To start, you have to take pictures of everything you like and learn how to give quality finishing touches to topics. There are the best places to sell or license images and photos online. 

Take classes and learn Photoshop to be professional at your photo designs. Can upload your pictures to social media and can also gain attention to your portfolio and later sell them online.


  • Start a YouTube channel

You can build a YouTube channel focused on a single strong niche that will attract an organic and loyal audience. For example, make a channel on a niche that you have at least some knowledge of and can provide good content to the viewers. Then get monetized your YouTube channel by fulfilling YouTube’s guidelines. Turn on ads in setting and every time you publish a video you’ll earn by running ads on your video.

The content that educates r entertain peoples is the secret of getting more viewers. More secrets of YouTube that you can add tags by YouTube studio and also by writing rank-able keywords to describe your headline.


  • Create Website or an App

The digital industry is ready to boom in the coming years. To create websites and applications at which you can sell your products, shows informative content, and mainly provide some services online. This is a benefited in order of both long-term and short-term profit.

There are many other ways of earning money over websites and applications rather and Ads like backlinks, affiliate, sponsorship of different companies and products, sell templates, working as a window channel for other websites for traffic.

It doesn’t require much investment just you need to buy Domain and a Web Hosting for designing your layout of applications or websites.


  • Become an online tutor

In this huge rush to the offline tutor, it’s better to set up your sessions online. You just need a degree and experiences in languages are a bit essential in this field. If you are an expert in some subject or topics then it’s a golden opportunity to be an online tutor in the sense of making money online easy and fast.

If you’ve been a speaker or spoken at the conference should try to be a tutor, it is in very demand. Be expertise in your tutor skills.


  • Become a Virtual assistant

By being a virtual assistant you will do a variety of tasks like bookkeeping, writing, order processing, giving supports to the customers are some of them. You can easily be a virtual assistant on sites like Upwork, indeed, virtual assistant jobs, etc.

In this, if you’re like to have more money you just keep on posting applications for further combinations of jobs. You can make a strong portfolio by using Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. that helps you in getting new clients.


  • Invest in Stocks

It’s true that trading in the stock market can make you money very fast but it can be a loss too if you are not experienced in making good trades. You have too little skill in both technical and fundamental analysis of equity stocks. 

It’s easy to sign up with any broker in your country and start investing. Remember investing in stocks for a long-term prospectus is never being losing money.


  • Reviews Websites, Apps and Software

Usually, the entrepreneurs are willing to pay 10$ to 20$ just for getting perfect feedback for their websites, applications, and other gigs. Sometimes they want reviews or say feedback of their work by an online video of a maximum length of 20 minutes.

 So, only giving feedback is a fast method to earn money online. You have to reach some websites like user testing to catch these opportunities. You have some experience of lectures and frequent speaking confident person, so you can automatically be called by the website interface to Appoints more entrepreneurs for your feedback.


           Selling Domains

In this era of everything is online every 10 person of 100 wants to open a website but they didn’t get familiar domain names as their niche. You can find and buy domains of focused high volumes keywords so that you can get easily customers who in need of your domains.

You can do some research before buying by testing them in Go Daddy Auctions and also can find domains are of higher bidding prices which later sell easily.

             Sell your Stuff

When you are really want to make money immediately the first thing coming to your mind is to sell stuff. It can be anything like clothes, old metals things, machines, shoes, etc. Exactly the same when you are in need of a job, selling possessions for money is a great way to start.

Most people start thinking of sell books, CDs, etc., like undervalued things and in 2021 peoples probably don’t buy such things. So you are going to make money to sell valued things like laptops, vehicles, furniture, designs, etc., on multiple platforms. You can also sell-buy using Facebook groups and other social media platforms.

You have to take some amazing pictures off stuff and give the good touches of editing. Also, need editing skills like giving descriptions and removal of backgrounds in that image are considered.


              Do Translating works

If you can speak and write in two languages then you are eligible for this translation job. You have to show proof of ability to translate languages. So, it is better to have a great portfolio of yours.

You can’t use translator tools you have to do it by yourself, if you have a degree in languages then it is amazing then you can also add to your portfolio. Websites for making portfolio by using Upwork, people per hour, Pro Translating, translators base, etc.



Do you feel creepy when you see grammatical mistakes? I yes, then you have the powers to catch the errors in a blog, paragraphs, Articles, etc. You can become a proofreader, it is still in very much demands.

Many of the proofreaders still earn 1000$ to 4000$ a month. You can look after the introductory workshops to learn the skills of proofreaders and walk on the way of a freelancer.


                 Create Side Gigs

The more number of the Gigs you post as in your portfolio, you will be rated high in searches, and clients will more like to deal with you. You can use platforms like Fiverr to posts your Gigs. It can still give you a nice amount of passive income while having your main full-time job.


There’s a trick to be more in searches is to place low prices and use one or two friend profiles to buy your gig and give the first review so that you can grow start faster. Many high-graded freelancers profile in Fever have gigs in numbers.




                 Loan Signing Agent

This type of business is not getting much attention but can earn up to 5000$ to 7000$ per month by only working 3-4 days a week.

Basically, a loan signing agent is hired by some of the mortgage companies, escrow companies, etc., for signing services to obtain necessary signs and to identifies of loan documents.


                 Social Media Manager

If you have good communication and organizational skills with knowledge of Social Media platforms. You can earn between 1500$ to 10,000$ a month.

You can master your skills of social-media managing by spending time in analysis and you can also take courses of Udemy in which you can learn from basics to professional skills.


                   Life Coach

If you love development n personal and feel happy to help others then you should build a business that will consider you to become a Life Coach. It depends on your model that you start as alone or with your team members but you can charge 30$ to 50$ per person for an hour.

You can do some research so you can deliver perfect guidance to your clients. If you are not having the confidence to do it online get yourself Life Coach Certificate Courses available free on Google.


Here are some factors, which makes it easier to make money online:

  • Business type: To accrue like service-based, based on products, or run by an audience.
  • Effort: To implement the skills, time, and experience in your ideas.
  • Revenue model: To roll your ideas of money-making into work at an increasing value without drawing much attention.
  • Startup costs: initial capital you will likely invest in your idea.


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