5 Ideal Places for Using Bi fold Doors and Windows

The chief function of bi fold doors and windows is connecting indoors and outdoors – they provide a good option to home owners who want to enjoy unobstructed views once in a while. Bifolds have been long known for their ability to enhance versatility and looks of homes as well as commercial places. The growing popularity of bifolds has sparked a reformation in decoration of interior as well as exterior spaces. They are also great when it comes to energy savings, sustainability and weather resistance. From architectural point of view, bifolds present plenty of opportunities.

 Bi fold Doors and Windows

Out of the many places where bi fold doors and windows can be used, here are the five most ideal ones.


– Pool House

Pool houses are considered the ultimate luxury features of a house, and this luxury backyard feature can be given a perfect setting with bifold doors. Bifolds enable you to have maximum outdoor view as they fold neatly. So, installing those in the adjacent room to the pool will let you enjoy unobstructed view of the pool. Further, you can also transform your interior into breezy pavilion on a hot summer day.


– Restaurants and Cafés 

People who wish to introduce al fresco dining into their restaurants should definitely go for bifold doors and windows. First of all, they enable you to maximize value of your commercial space by adding dramatic design elements. Secondly, bifold doors will introduce a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors and last but not the least, they will allow indoor diners to enjoy refreshing air and natural light. In addition, bifolds will allow managers to keep an eye on diners without leaving their desks.


– Showrooms

With all those flashy and enticing products inside, showrooms just can’t afford not to show off. Nothing would serve this purpose to showcase their products better than glass. Use of bifolds in car or bike showrooms is not new but nowadays, many jewelry and apparel companies are also using these structures to seek flexibility and upscale aesthetics.


Another strong reason to use bifold glass structures is their durability. Glasses used in bifold windows are specialized safety glasses that won’t shatter easily. Hence, they are safe and strong enough to protect the products as well as buildings’ occupants.


– Beach-side Resorts or Hotels

Well, the reason is pretty obvious. Beach-side hotels and resorts are preferred by vacationers for scenic beauties they offer. So, bifolds have become a must for such beach-side hotels as they offer a crisp, trendy look without compromising with outdoor beauty. Bifolds are also used in resorts as internal dividers. They are used in hotel rooms or apartments to provide unrestricted view to the balcony.


– Schools and Libraries

Modern age schools require flexibility in terms of space. As more and more schools are endorsing extra-curricular activities like music and arts, the need for space is increasing. Hence, more and more schools are making use of bifolds as they allow easy transformation of multiple class rooms into one large room and are able to make better use of interior spaces. For the same reason, these doors are also ideal for use in libraries.


Wrapping Up

Dramatic appeal, flexibility, safety – there are many reasons why bifold windows and doors are considered as ideal solutions for commercial spaces, especially in a commercial center like Melbourne where space utilization is highly preferred by business owners. Hence, if you wish to upgrade interiors or exteriors of your café or house, then you should definitely think about investing in them.


But before doing so, do take their performance and specifications into consideration. Though glasses do serve as strong building materials, try to become familiar with certifications, testing and quality as all these parameters help you to judge performance. For specifications, you should consider factors like frame size, threshold, and panels (when they are fully opened or closed).


Frame styles should also be considered as most of them are tailored to fir diverse space requirements. In order to get products worth your money, it is wise to purchase bifolds from reputed window suppliers of Melbourne.

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