5 Reasons Why Wikipedia Is One Of The Finest Content Marketing Platform

5 Reasons Why Wikipedia Is One Of The Finest Content Marketing Platform

Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites in the world contemporarily. To be exact it is the fifth most visited website in the world with almost 40 million visits regularly but now people have started to consider it as a content marketing platform. And here are the reasons why it is considered as one of the finest content marketing platforms.

Increased Reach

Well, being in the top five most visited websites in the world is really a plus and for marketers, it is a potential option for getting their content to be displayed. With around 40 million visits regularly Wikipedia provides a great opportunity for content marketers to have their brand to be presented to the world. However, it requires marketers to work in the context of awareness creation as Wikipedia has constrained many of the marketing activities.

You Can Track The Statistics and Numbers

Wikipedia has this feature where Wikipedia page creator can keep the track of their page. The numbers could be reached and page creators could make the contemplations on tracking from where the major audience is coming and what their target audience actually could be. From normal page creator, this information could be limited to their Wikipedia page only but for people who are connected to marketing, this information could more useful. They can plan their marketing activities and strategies on the basis of the same and this is how a feature of Wikipedia can impact the entire marketing of a brand or business.

SEO Link Building

SEO is an explicitly implicated technique of digital marketing in the world and this technique allows people to make the contemplations on linking their home page with the content and this is how conversions are created. This is a feature that Wikipedia has kept open for its page creators and people can connect two links in their content on Wikipedia which is why content marketers who are also working as lead generators have seen the potential in this platform and are now contemplating on bringing the same to their benefits.


To everybody’s surprise Wikipedia even after being such a platform does not charge anything for posting the content or creating the page. This is what is also listed in one of the greatest benefits of the platform. Most of the other content marketing platform does take an amount for getting the content to be posted but Wikipedia does not have any such thing. However, if you are looking to get the professional services then it might make you bear a few costs and this is how you can improve the results of your page. But this is optional and Wikipedia does not take any costs which is why it has been listed as a benefit.

Written Plus Visual Content

One of the other benefits that could be brought on the table through Wikipedia is that it can make you have the considerations on two different types of content at the same time. This is how you can get the attention of the people through visual aids along with the written content and can be more expressive at it.

These are the five things that have made the online encyclopedia to be one of the best even in the list of content marketing platforms. However, one thing that is to be mentioned here is that Wikipedia has some restrictions over posting the marketing content and thus the awareness creation could be the only purpose that could be attached with a Wikipedia page.