5 Turbo Service and Maintenance Tips You Should Know

People, in the modern days, are investing in turbocharged vehicles due to its power and fuel economy feature. Its high-end performance has greatly attracted the attention of the buyers. Even the turbo service has become very efficient and hence it reduces the stress of regular maintenance and servicing. However, how well you take care of the car and its engine also plays a vital role in determining and retaining its performance.

Whether it’s a normal engine or turbo engine, they are deemed to undergo wear and tear with regular usage. Hence its important to take good care of them. Before moving ahead to know the servicing tips, it is important to know the core reasons behind the wear and tear of the engine’s performance. There are three important causes of its failure. Look at it:

  • If any foreign objects enter the turbo like dust, debris and dirt.
  • Oil issues are also a prominent reason. It can either be the issue of lubrication or the use of contaminated oil.
  • Over-speeding also causes turbo breakdown which means it works more than desired.


Tips to Follow for Turbo Service

#1. Use of The Oil– Ask your turbo service provider about the kind of oil they will be using. The oil ensures that the engine runs seamlessly and also enhances its performance, thus making the ride smoother. Oil is important to reduce the friction and normal wear and should be particularly added to the different parts of the turbo. It even enhances the durability of the engine. Complete synthetic oiling can protect the turbochargers from the high temperature that has a negative impact upon the engine’s performance.

#2. Warm it Up Well- Unless and until you warm up the vehicle, it is pretty difficult to get to know whether the turbo service has worked up to the mark. Hence, after lubricating the engine with synthetic oil, it is important to warm it up. The functioning of the oil is enhanced when the engine operates at the optimum temperature. Quick and short trips should be taken on a regular basis would facilitate the change of oil on regular intervals.

#3. Understand the Pressure Hose- A turbocharger is associated with maximising the air pressure that adds enough stress on the hose couplers. Greater pressure can lead to pressure leak. It then prompts the turbo to work harder which can deteriorate its performance. In order to get rid of the frequent turbo service charges, it is important to know the working aspects of the pressure and the hose couplers so that required pressure is applied to it.

#4. Work on The Gears Rather Turbo- When you have better control over the gear, it would spare the turbo from performing all the work. The lower gear put the engine into the power band in which it works quite efficiently.

#5. Driving Tips- The way of driving adds a huge impact on the life of the turbo. Certain tips should be followed like wait for at least 10 seconds after starting the vehicle as the oil takes 5-10 seconds to reach the turbo. It would greatly prevent the unnecessary yet usual wear and tear of the engine.

#6. Turbo Service is really an expensive procedure whether you do it yourself or approach an expert for it. Certain tips can help you a lot and save you from regular visits to the service centres. Ensuring that you stick to the above-mentioned tips will help in enhancing the performance of engine and at the same time, it also prevents you from frequent visit to the turbo service centre.