Why Choose Winter Tires Over All Season Tires?

Why Choose Winter Tires Over All Season Tires?
In order to have a smooth driving experience, you need to keep the tires of your car in good shape. The life and performance of the tires depend significantly on weather conditions. With each season, driving conditions change, and you must change your tires according to the specific needs of that particular seasons. There are different types of tires available for different terrains and seasons. While some people choose to go for all seasons tires, other choose to use winter tires. As the name suggests, winter tires are mostly used during the winters. However, the unique designs and special features of these tires make them ideal for any season.
All seasons tires are made keeping the different seasons in mind. However, if you live where climate is extreme, these tires won’t give you satisfactory results as far as driving experience and life of the tire is concerned. Winter tires are more durable than any other type and that is what makes them ideal regardless of the season. If you are still in two minds about which tire to choose, here are some of the facts that make winter tires a better choice:
Braking: Winter tires are designed keeping various factors in mind. Braking is one of these factors. The specific designs of winter tires make it a lot easier to pull the brakes even on snow and icy roads. The design creates more traction and thus, braking becomes easier and faster. If you have winter tires installed in your car, you would not feel that you are driving on snow when hitting the brakes. On the other hand, if you have all season tires installed, braking on snow can lead to dangerous accidents. Therefore, all season tires are to be replaced as soon as winter arrives.
Tire treading: The tire treads in winter tires are designed specifically for lower temperatures and snow. When you use a wider wheel design, it helps create more traction and helps you dig into snow. Even the grooves within the tires are kept wide so that water and snow can travel through. In all season tires, however, you will see a thinner wheel design. Though, this type of design helps you drive fast on certain terrain. However, when you are driving on icy roads, the thinner tires can increase the risks of skidding.
Price: Because of the specific design and use winter tires can cost you a little more money than all season tires do. However, considering the number of advantages that these tires provide, the money spent of the tires, is totally worth it!
Winter tire advantages: As it is mentioned earlier, there is no match for winter tires during the winter months when everything is freezing. These tires are durable and made specifically to withstand the harshness of the cold and snow. That is why they do not need any regular upkeep. These tires give you an enjoyable driving experience even during harsh weather conditions. The features provide you better handling and reduce the risk of brake failure.
Once you learn about the special advantages of using winter tires, you would not think twice before installing them.
About the Author: Hadi Golkarieh is Co-founder of Canadawheels.ca and also a good writer skill. He has written on various topics, like road safety, safety precaution during driving etc. This article also upon safety resigns indicating purpose of Choosing Winter Tires for all Season.


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