6 Reasons why you should choose a Canadian online casino?

Gamblers everywhere are opting for Canada-based online casinos. In 2000, research revealed that over 70% of Canadians participated in some form of gambling each year. More recent surveys found that 75%-85% of people in Canada gamble in some form orother.

If you use online casinos based outside of Canada you are likely missing out on a valuable opportunity. In this article, we will take you through the main reasons to try online gambling and why the Candian online casinos are a smart choice.

Whyoptfor an online casino?

An online Candian casino offers many advantages, even over physical casinos. Not only can you play anywhere you want and at any time, but you will also save time and money on travel and refreshments. Online casinos in Canada also often have much better payout percentages which make it even easier to earnbig. For the top online casinos in Canada check out this list https://best-online-casino-canada.org.


In Canada, gamblingis legal across the country. Since 1970, the Canadian government has left gambling rules to the country’s individual provinces. Today, these provincial laws only control the revenue and allow for government-sponsored online gambling to contribute to the wider gambling industry.


Winnings from gambling online in Canada are 100% tax-free! So if you are living in Canada your final winning will be even bigger!

Better game options

Due to the points above and the improving economy, the gambling industry has really taken off in Canada. This means more players to compete with and a wider choice of games to suit all types of gamblers.

More bonuses and rewards

As the online casino is becoming increasingly competitive in Canadian, users can expect tosee a wide variety of bonuses, loyalty rewards, and free joining credit. This makes Canadian casinos the perfect choice for those new to the game and interested in testing the waters without risking too much money.

Great security

Although there is no nation wide law to regulate gambling in Canada, The Canadian Gaming Commission oversees the country’s gambling industry, providing information and responding to serious issues when they occur.

However, it is down tothe individual provinces in Canada toset and enforcetheir own laws. These provincial laws, and organizations like eCOGRA, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), the Malta Gaming Authority, and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, helpkeep Canadian online casinos honest, fair, and secure. This means that the risk of biased and illegal games is far less than in many other countries that do not take these rules and regulations as seriously.

With so many reasons to gamble in a Candian-based online casino, it is no wonder that the industry has been growing steadily for years. If you want tax-free winning and fun games at trusted, secure casino sites, start by checking out those based in Canada. Of course, if you are here purely to learn how to make a living, there are plenty of other options as we describe in this article on: ‘Howtomaketrillionsofmoney online thesimplestprovenways’.

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