7 Digital Marketing Tips to Grow your startup in 2020

7 Digital Marketing Tips to Grow your startup in 2020

7 Digital Marketing Tips to Grow your startup in 2020


Digital Marketing is a popular marketing strategy that is used by many businesses nowadays. In today’s digital era, where anything can be achieved with a few clicks online, it is crucial to create a digital presence. Digital marketing plays a very prominent role in promoting any new business venture or startups. 

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Digital Marketing is the use of digital mediums to promote products or services of any business. Digital Mediums include the internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other digital channels. The digital medium is used to reach out to the customers, generating leads, and increasing sales.

It also means the marketing of your startup online to create awareness and increase visibility. 

The 3 types of digital media that your startup can choose to promote your business online.

Owned media-It is an online asset that the business can manage like a website and social media handles. 

Paid Media– This media is used to promote the content of owned media assets to increase traffic.

Earned Media– This media is created by reviews and word of mouth publicity by customers on social media.

Your startup can be a huge success if you use these Digital marketing tips in your business plan. You can achieve your business goals from these tips

7 Digital Marketing Tips to Grow your startup in 2020

  • Optimize for search engines

Create web content that will rank high in search engine result pages. By the practice of Search engine optimization, you can optimize the content of your website. SEO helps the search engines to discover it and display it in the organic search results. By optimizing the content on your websites and WebPages, your website can get ranked in the search engine results pages. It assists in improving your website’s visibility for relevant searches. SEO is the most effective way to grow your startup. For any new business, it is essential to optimize web content for SEO as it can give visibility to your startup.

  • Local SEO

Local SEO is a term used in Digital Marketing. For your startup, Local SEO is very beneficial if you run your business in a physical location. 

Local SEO is a way to market any local business online and promote business’ visibility on location-based searches. It is a strategy that will help your startup to gain more visibility in the local search results. Local SEO service optimizes a website to increase traffic, leads generation, and brand awareness from local searches. In this strategy, the tasks are to optimize your keywords for local searches and create a Google My Business account. With local SEO, you can not only appear in organic searches but also location-based searches made on the internet.

  • Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a part of digital marketing. It is a strong strategy that can help your startup business to create buzz over the internet. Social networks can help your business to grow the customer base. It helps in engaging with customers online. With just a click, you can now reach millions of customers. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more allow you to exchange information directly with customers and other businesses. Create your startup’s business profile on various social media platforms and post about the products and services that you offer. It is a great tool to attract prospects and grow your business.

  • Consistent Brand Image on Digital Channels

For a startup, it is essential to have a consistent brand image over all the digital platforms. The name, logo, brand message, and target should be consistent. On your website, social media handles, and your business profile, the same information should be delivered. To promote your startup on different channels doesn’t mean to change the message and alter it, as this might confuse the prospects. Consistency makes your business look more trustworthy, authentic, and easy to remember.

  • Influencer Marketing

The popularity of influencers’ marketing has increased, and people usually look up to what the influencers suggest in their videos and posts. For your startup, rather than investing in advertising, influencer marketing is more efficient. People find it more trustworthy and authentic.

Influencers can drive traffic on your website by posting about your products or services. Find the influencers who create content relevant to your startup business and connect with them. They provide links and promote your products and services. By collaborating with influencers, you can get more traffic on your website, and it will help in boosting your sales.

  • Video Content

Video content is a powerful way to communicate your startup’s purpose and brand message. Videos can help engage your customers. Videos should be integrated into your website and social media platforms. Communicate with your customers using videos on Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and live to communicate with and engage your audience. There are many other video marketing ideas like tutorials, live events, and webinars for product or service launches. Videos make it easy for your audience to connect with your startup and its product or service.

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) Campaign

PPC campaign is a method of using search engine advertising to draw visitors to your website. PPC generates sales-ready leads because only genuinely interested views click on the ads. PPC is crucial for any startup as it gives the most optimum results and helps your business grow faster. PPC gives high ROI as only the interested customer clicks on the ad, plus you can control how much to spend and get the results of the campaign quickly.


Digital marketing is an effective way to grow your startup. By implementing the above tips will help you to establish your brand image and grow your business. In 2020 everything is on the internet, and people get information by just a click. Digital Marketing companies in Bangalore use these strategies as it is very beneficial for your startup business to adopt a digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing can help your startup to reach out to your customer quickly. It is the best way of promoting your business. With these tips, you can establish a position in the market and grow your startup.