7 Major Bitcoin Trading Advice For Beginners

7 Major Bitcoin Trading Advice For Beginners


7 Major Bitcoin Trading Advice For Beginners


Crypto trading is a trending topic among youngsters and some of the most experienced investors. This popularity also Investing in Cryptocurrency new fan base or new traders in the market with zero or little trading knowledge. This makes them vulnerable to losses and scams online. To safeguard your interest as a beginner in this space, there are a few basic tips that you need to keep in your mind before starting your investment journey.


Beginners are equipped with little trading knowledge, and this is where some people take unfair advantage of these beginners, which makes them lose their investment. From choosing a trading platform and making payments to using crypto as a mode of exchange, there are a few tips for everyone to follow for their own benefit and defend themselves from being exploited.


  1. Choose an exchange wisely

This is the first and foremost step that one takes, and that is why it is considered the most important step. A credible and reliable exchange platform will make your trading journey smooth. With the sudden rise in this market, some platforms make money without following basic business ethics. There have been several instances of some platforms shutting down abruptly or being hacked due to a weak security firewall which ends up losing their investment.


Bitcoin Era is one such platform that provides its clients with a sophisticated security firewall along with a user-friendly experience for a soothing trading experience. A lack of these basic features may makeyour investment prone to cyberattacks,which is why you should only trade on reliable platforms.


  1. Learn different trading strategies

After enrolling in a trustworthy exchange, the next step is to make yourself learn the tools and trading strategies available for you to trade efficiently. Good trading platforms provide their clients with different tools and indicators to give them an upper hand while trading with increased accuracy.


  1. Trade with motive

Never enter a trade following a hype in the market. It is the sole responsibility of the investor to research a coin before investing because if something goes wrong, then it’s your hard-earned money at risk. That is why the motive behind investing in crypto should be crystal clear.


  1. Diversifying

Diversifying means investing in various options rather than investing all your money in a single digital asset. This saves you from losses by balancing out the loss made in one coin with the profit made by the other. This is another technique that will definitely help you go a long way.


  1. Invest only what you can afford to lose

The hype for crypto trading is taking over the world. Some experts strongly believe that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have a very strong future ahead. No matter how much you trust the person’s expertise, asking you to invest as much as you can as it has a strong future ahead, never invest your life savings into crypto trading because there is still a lot to be discovered.


  1. Keep yourself updated with the news and regulations

Nations worldwide are still trying to figure out this new concept and formulating rules and regulations around it. Make sure that you are well aware of the regulations governing this type of trading in your region and keep yourself updated with the news.


  1. Respect your target and never go out recovering losses

It is the golden rule of crypto trading to trust your research and the motive behind your investment until the very end if you are a long-term player. The entry and exit points you set before entering a trade should stay rock solid, no matter how positive you feel about making you more money than expected. Another important rule is to settle down in case of a loss and call it a day. Start trading in the next session with a fresh mindset.



The sudden boom in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has invited a lot of new investors who invest without making themselves aware of the risks that this place holds for them. It is of utmost importance to learn and study the risks involved and safeguard your interest from such risks an,d have a smooth and profitable trading journey.



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