8 Sneaky Ideas To Trick Yourself Into Losing Weight

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Are you wondering how you will get rid of those dozen extra pounds gained during the summer vacation? According to the new research done on weight loss, there are many ways in which you can shred those extra ten pounds every year without even going to the gym. All you need is to cut off a hundred calories a day. Yes, just a 100 calories and you are set for getting rid of ten pounds every year. Easy isn’t it?

Now you must be wondering how it is possible. There are several ways which you can use to cut off 100 calories in one day without changing the flavor of your diet. According to the research, there are several shortcuts to reduce the calorie intake which help you maintain a healthy body throughout the year.

1. Turn The Lights Dim

Ideas To Trick Yourself Into Losing Weight

You may be wondering what dimming the lights has got to do with weight loss. You will be surprised to know that dim lights have a good connection with weight loss after all. According to the study carried out at Cornell University, the secret to eating less is just as easy as turning the lights dim. And the research means it. The studies suggest that the people who eat under low light consume 175 calories less than those who eat under regular lighting. The study involved some individuals who ate under the different lights. The results showed that people who ate under dim light consumed 18% less food than the others. So, isn’t it just a simple, sneaky way to eat less and as a result lose weight?

2. Drink In A Straight Glass

It may seem odd but according to a study conducted in Britain, the people who use curved glass drink more water, alcohol or other drinks in it than those who use straight glass. According to the research, the reason behind this is that the curved glass provides a better angle and therefore more liquid goes into the mouth. Another reason stated in the research is that people do not know when they reach the halfway, and thus they ask for more drink.

So, better suit yourself to drink those sodas and beverages in a straight glass if you want to shred some weight. This way you will notice that you end up drinking 60% less. It means that now you will save 67 calories when you drink orange juice in a straight glass rather than a curved on in your breakfast. Similarly, you can save almost 48 calories when you drink iced tea during the lunch in a straight glass.

3. Sleep More

Another interesting way to make you consume fewer calories a day is by sleeping more. If you have got a bad habit of late-night sleeping, you will end up being hungrier in the mornings. According to a study Mayo Clinic, if you sleep less than 6 ½ hours you will consume 500 extra calories the next day.

According to Dr. Manfred Hallschmid of University of Tubingen’s Department of Medical Psychology & Behavioral Neurobiology, less sleep will make you hungry and eat more. He also says that the level of appetite hormone i.e. ghrelin increases when you do not sleep well. The next day you will feel more tired a result of which you will consume more calories.

4. Never Say “No, I Can’t.”

Another easy way to make sure that you consume fewer calories is to say “no I don’t want to eat that”; instead of saying “I can’t eat that because I’m on a diet, or I have to lose weight.”

According to the research can’t and don’t have a different result on your behavior and will power. When you say I can’t, it means you are forcing yourself into not doing something which you want to. But when you say I don’t, it means you are doing it, and it will motivate you. When you say, I don’t want to eat that, means you have the willpower and want a healthy life.

In the research, people were divided into two categories, “don’t eat” and “can’t eat.” 65% who were on the don’t group passed the junk food for a healthier food item, and only 30% of the “can’t eat” group chooses the healthy food items. So, make yourself into the “don’t want to eat that” people instead of “can’t eat that.”

5. Think Positive

According to research, your body responds to the way you think. If you think you are fat and have a large belly, the brain will process the food in a manner which stores the fat in the belly area. If you think you’re not fat and are determined that you are losing weight then the brain will process food in such a manner that it will not store it in the belly area. So, choose to think positive and think thin!

In the past ten years, 59% women who had the body mass index at 20 thought they were overweight. After the ten years time, their body mass index was 25. Just because they thought they were gaining weight. Susan Albers of The Cleveland Clinic who is a psychologist, says, it is important to stay optimistic, and the mindset is vital in deciding what you will consume. If you think that you are fat, no matter what your actual weight is, you will become fat. So, if you think you are not fat or overweight will affect the eating patterns, and you will eat less.

6. Turn Your Face Around

Yes, you need to turn your face around whenever you see the junk food in front of you. You may be having a perfect meal and all of a sudden there is a glass of soda in front of you, and it is mouthwatering, but stay focused on what you are eating and what’s right for you. If you can’t resist, look away and try to distract yourself.

According to the professor of medicine, Kathleen Page, the sugary foods stimulate the part of the brain which is responsible for controlling hunger. Seeing these food items make you hungrier, and thus you will consume more calories.

So, what should you do when you see a TV commercial full of those junk foods which make your mouth water? Go to the kitchen and have a look at the other food items which you love to eat to distract your brain.

7. Drink Water With Food

It is natural and you know it, if you drink water you will eat more vegetables than French fries. According to the researchers of the University of Oregon, the drink you pair with the food you eat influences how much and what you eat. If you drink a glass of soda you will crave for more junk food than the natural vegetables. Of course, whenever you eat at the KFC, they don’t serve you water with the burger or fries, they serve Pepsi. You will eat more burger and fries if you have a glass of soda than water. So, if you want to control your weight, consume fewer calories, drink water with your food.

8. Look forward to eating

When you anticipate what you are going to have for the next meal it will lose your appetite, says Dr. Hallschmid. It lowers appetite hormone i.e. Ghrelin. He says that people consume fewer calories when they fantasy about what they will eat. He also says that you will feel full sooner if you look forward to eating. So, make sure that you wait for the next meal and think what will be served? It is a good way to take in fewer calories than usual.

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