Choosing Heavy Duty Truck Loads and Fleets


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Any good business knows to invest in high-quality equipment. They should work well longer and break down less. The same principle applies to your Heavy Duty Truck fleet and there are a number of thing s you should consider before making a decision.


The Ideal Truck Fleet

Heavy Duty Truck

Your venture needs all the support possible. You may own a mining company or you may consider yourself as a big time contractor. Whatever the industry, if your business requires transferring heavy materials, you’ll need the best set of trucks.

Collaborate with a truck hire company to choose the best vehicles for your business. You’ll find some suppliers who can adjust to your company’s needs and specifications.

Here are some factors up to consider for your chosen truck fleet:

  • Budget

Depending on your required capacity, you’ll need to prepare enough budget to buy your very own fleet, typically ranging from $15,000 (for most 2WD single cab trucks), to a little over $40,000 (for a 4WD truck) per vehicle. You can also roughly estimate your trucks’ cost, per selection which you may be looking for.


  • Engine and Power

V8 engines are the norm for most Heavy Duty Truck. Your machine’s power provides for you capacity to transfer materials and deliver services. Say you’re taking care of a mining company and you need to carry extracted materials on to your target site. The horsepower should be enough to deliver a load full of your harvested investments.


You’ll have to estimate the amount of minerals you’ll be gathering on a normal operating day. Using this, you may forecast the machineries’ capabilities you’ll need before inquiring for an ideal fleet.


  • Storage Facilities

Trucks, like any other vehicle, have storage spaces. You can choose from a wide range of versatile options such as foldable rears where you can place gear boxes. Aside from placing your extracted boulders, your tools need to be organised and easily accessible. You can estimate the machines you’ll be using on your busiest days and then you’ll be able to gauge how much storage you’ll need for your truck.


  • Brand’s Quality

Popular brands you can choose from are Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford and Nissan. You can trust these established brands, as they’re used to producing reliable fleets. They’ve been used for several years and have established strong credibility for warranty, maintenance and servicing.


Every brand has a specific strength upon production, such as traction and intercooler kits. Toyota is known for its ingenious mechanical set ups, while Ford can combine ergonomics, storage capacities and competitive mechanisms as well. Your priorities per operational steps within your business would be the focal point in choosing the appropriate brand.

Truck Selections

Various types of fleets are available for a company. Choosing which business should serve you entails years of expertise, a variety of selections to choose from and ability to provide after-sales services.

You can choose among these types of trucks to begin with:

  • 4WD 2-Door Trays

Standard fleet service providers usually provide 4 and 6 cylinder diesel engines, either with a choice of manual and automatic transmission and comfortable interiors. The back of the truck has a wider space for storage and this enables you to place enough materials on your daily business errands.


  • 4WD Wagons

If your materials require more protection and are prone to damage, you can choose enclosed trucks or wagons. You may also regularly carry out services which involve people transfers, such as transport services (carpooling).


The wagon can come in handy, as it normally involves 8-cylinder diesel engine. This includes a bull bar, automatic transmission and comfortable canvas seats. It ensures protection in your interiors and proper transfer of goods, plus you can be certain your packages (whether they be manpower or  raw materials) are safely nestled in the comfort of your chosen wagon.


  • 4WD Bus and 4WD Trucks

For bigger loads and machinery, you’ll need something a little tougher and bigger. A 4WD bus or truck usually carries heavier loads, with a maximum of 18 seats. This should compensate with engine capacity as well. Safety accessory sets also include triangles, visibility flag poles, among others.

Heavy duty businesses need an ample amount of support. Before making a wise decision, you’ll need to consider the wide varieties of fleets to choose from. This all the more helps you to make a wise decision to support your business. A comprehensive set of product offerings, varieties in rentals and maintenance services should be referred from, before making a wise purchase decision.

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