Top 5 tips to build your dream home

Top 5 tips to build your dream home

 Introduce your dream home

Everyone has their own ideal dream house they want to build. While it may seem impossible to bring it to life, with a few simple tips and tricks, you can be on your way to making your dream a reality. Below are 5 tips to help you build your own dream home:

  1. Create an “inspiration binder”

There are so many sources of ideas all around you including magazines, TV shows and the internet. This can make it hard for you to focus on what you want for your house design. A good practice is to have an inspiration binder. This is where you can place ideas and inspiration, such as magazine clippings, websites and colour swatches. The binder will help you focus on finalising the look of your dream home.

introduce your dream home

  1. Choose the most practical ideas in your binder

Your dream binder can get full in a matter of days. It is important to pick the ideas which are practical and achievable. For example, your kitchen may look nice with full marble flooring and tiles. However, the material can be very expensive. If you are only looking to achieve the look, a vinyl tile set can help you with this.

  1. Spend more time looking for the right site to build your dream home

Some people focus more on the house design rather than finding a good place for it. Your dream home should not just be about how it looks and feels. It must also be in a place you are comfortable in. An ideal site should be in a secure neighbourhood.  Consider the surrounding area if it matches your needs. It is recommended to have it built near your place of work, as well as a school if you have children. The surrounding environment should also match your taste in order to make it your dream home. This could include a nearby park or a scenic view you can enjoy.


  1. Your house should cost 20 per cent of your take home pay

If you are planning on taking a loan to have your dream home constructed, review your take home pay first. The amount you’ll be paying per month should only be 20 per cent of your monthly salary. This will give you enough financial flexibility for other important expenses.


  1. Ask your home builder

The best tip for you in building your dream house is to ask your home builder for suggestions. When it comes to practicality and budget, they can provide their experience in assisting you. They will help you in deciding which materials can be used to achieve the design you want. Your home builder can also introduce you to good places for discounts on the things you need for construction. Their help can make your dream home come to life at a price you can afford.

Remember to plan your dream home carefully and wisely with your home builder. Go for practicality instead of just style. Determine if you want modular or prefabricated homes to be built in QLD. Your dream house can be a proud achievement you can share with your loved ones for a long time.


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