5 Designer Handbag must have in your Wardrobe

Are you mulling over a designer handbag in this festive season, but confused where and which one overdo on? Ah well, I think I may possibly take you out from this impasse!

The soul is just flooded with a variety of top designer handbags, the different sorts, shapes and sizes are enough to catch a woman’s eye. Being myself an exceedingly bag lover, I’ve done a whole lot of research to find out the perfect handbag a girl must have in her wardrobe. And after my research I’ve come down to a point that there are some classic designer handbags are must for a girl, otherwise all others are just a minor variation on these.

This is all my personal views and consideration, and we all know everybody has their own opinion and likeness. But I hope you all would love these arrays, and desire to flaunt it with your favorite outfits.

Designer Handbag

So here we go with the first one, that is,


If you are gazing out for something stylish and classic at the same time, then this is the bag for you. The Dior bags are classic and look striking and awe-inspiring. You can match it with the attire. The high-class Dior black bag is a far-fetched pick for your designer collection handbag. It is perfect to carry at corporate events or to flaunt in the evening party. One exciting thing is that it comes in white color too, which is adequate for vacations.

After this, the second one is:


Believe me ladies; you would love to carry this hot classic piece. The unique shape and its enticing handle make it one of the most prior choices. Its n-number of varieties from different color and textures like fur to beads makes it more popular and demanding gradually. These bags surely come with a high price, but they are a great investment as it values every penny.

The next one is:


This remarkable and tempting was stimulated and named after the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Gucci states that this beautifully carved handbag is a testament to the everlasting appeal of graceful classiness. These Gucci handbags are handmade and accessible in wealthy varying. A new Jackie line is also in trend now-a-days, it has come up with minor changes from the original. Its cost will depend on the stuff or material you choose.


This was his (Marc Jacobs) first hit bag; you must have seen many celebs flaunting this tempting designer handbag. And, after so many couples of years, this bag is still in demand. The model Jessica Stam has given this bag its name. Apart from the fact that many celebs carry off this handbag, another thing which will attract you is, it’s quilted leather and numerous availability of colors. The attractive golden hardware complements and looks good with many colors.


The Michael Kors handbag has been rooting a bit of an impression in the fashion and glamorous world in recent times. Especially, a particular handbag- entitled “the Selma”, has started giving a tremendous competition to other designer handbags. The Selma is different from others- it has the gold studs on the bottom, which will help to return the bag on the floor, a phone pocket, a printed silk lining, all these things make it unique and most stylish. And the most important talk is, it comes with a generous price. Yes, girls you don’t have to pay a wealth of money to get this stylish chic handbag. Isn’t this sound super?

If we talk about handbags, then the list is endless, and we the girls never get tired of talking about it. Agree girls? But here we need to end up, so these are a few of my considerations and choices, which will definitely add glory to your wardrobe once added. And if you want to buy all these extremely superb collection, then you can visit at www.forziani.com, an online store that offers you a variety of handy designer handbags and other accessories. Enjoy shopping!!

About the author: This blog is written by Akanksha Singh, a content writer, she works on few sorts like education, jewelry and fashion. Fashion and entertainment is her focused era, from the time of college, she loves to write on various topics. You may also find several of her published articles on accessories, education and jewelry related topics throughout media sites.


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