Has luxury fashion evolved? Which are fashion brands you should eye on?

Has luxury fashion evolved? Which are fashion brands you should eye on?

The world is growing!! The population is growing and so is their fashion sense. If you take a look at the statistic, you would be able to notice that the revenue generated in the Luxury Fashion segment in the year 2019 amounts to be US$109,016 million. “The market is expected to grow annually by 2.1% (CAGR 2019-2023).” according to Statista. Keeping this in mind, the luxury brand retailers have realized that the world is a great market to showcase luxury brands. In addition, they also know that people here are consistently driven towards luxury fashion and would grab the opportunity to pick Burberry shirts or Jimmy Choo shoes and more.

The evolution of luxury fashion has witnessed the new heights and the market has become the new address for all the luxury labels like Burberry, Michael Kors, Coach, Calvin Klein and so much more. This blog lays down the reasons for which the luxury fashion industry has evolved so much. In addition, I would lay down the luxury brands that you should be eyeing on.

Online stores with great deals

The population of the world is majorly attracted towards luxury fashion through eCommerce. Why? Well, the reason is simply that the eCommerce websites bring forth even those names/brands which are not available in the form of brick and mortar shops. For example, you might find labels like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and others all across the globe but it is quite difficult to find Furla, Fendi, Michael Kors, Tory Burch and lots more. Well, even if these brands are available in some part of the world, they are not accessible to the others. As a result, online shopping of these luxury labels has made it accessible for the fashion-conscious consumers to purchase luxury ready to wear and accessories. You would notice that the brands – themselves have gone online for selling their merchandise because they know that not every individual has the capability to shop from their brick and mortar shops. Hence, online shopping has made luxury fashion evolve to what they are now.


The consumers are diverse

If you take a look at the world on a whole version, you would notice that not all consumers are the same. With time, the population has become quite diversified in terms of choices and selections. Where there was a time when the people would approve of anything that came served on the plate, now they are value-conscious and always look for a good bargain that’ll make them shop wisely. On the other hand, it is not just the bargain that would interest them, they need global trends and brands to be made available to them at discounted prices. For example, there was a time when women would have a single designer handbag and that’ll be their carry-all for probably every occasion be it work or party. However, now, the awareness is at-par and they would want a specific bag for their specific needs. Now, they have a handbag wonderland with numerous shapes and sizes of bags including shoulder bags, crossbody, satchels, clutches, bucket bags, wristlets and so much more. This example itself conveys that the evolution is at par in the world when it comes to luxury fashion.

eCommerce stores provide accessibility – for both luxury brands and consumers

You cannot say that only the consumers feel deprived when a Diesel store opens in one of the countries and is the only one across the huge country (just an example). If the people living in another part of the same country want to buy a pair of Diesel jeans, they would have to take the pain of actually coming to that one store or if not, they’ll strike it off from their wishlist. This would not only abstain them from buying the goods, but it would also refrain the brand to reach out to that particular target consumers. As a result, an eCommerce stores step in as evolution and serves to be the one-stop destination for both – the brands and the consumers to interact, sell and buy. This way, the face of luxury fashion has changed a lot in the last few years.

Well, these were the reasons for which the evolution of the luxury brands have happened in the world and made them so popular among the consumers.

Now, that you know the reasons well, you must go ahead and find out the most popular luxury brands that you must invest in at least once in your lifetime.


Probably one of the oldest and the most reputed luxury brand across the globe and throughout the fashion industry the luxury brand is loved by all age groups for the timeless classics that it offers. From the iconic Burberry Trench Coats to the Burberry scarves, the luxury brand features a lot. You would love a lot about the plaid prints offered by the brand is the world, you would not regret having this name in your closet for at-par quality.
The luxury brand has three sub-brands namely – Burberry Prorsum, Burberry Brit, and Burberry London. In India, there are only four outlets of these luxury brands.

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Image Source: BURBERRY Black Classic Pique Polo

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani is one of the biggest and most fashionable luxury brands that is considered to be fashion-forward and trendy. Being one of the sub-brands from the Giorgio Armani, the luxury brand has high standards in all the products including clothing, accessories, fragrances, and watches for both men and women. Being the luxury brand in India for not too long, there are about 5 stores in the selective cities including New Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. However, this luxury brand in India is available at a selective place where all cannot access. Are you up for the luxury brand in India?

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Image Source: EMPORIO ARMANI Blue Linen Short Sleeve Blazer


Founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921, the Italian fashion house is high on unparalleled craftsmanship, brilliant quality and a luxury brand in India now. Consumers die for the high-end luxury brand in India that started as a passion of the founder for leather goods. Gucci gained its popularity with its Bamboo bag that was still being crafted and delivered during World War II.
One of the luxury brands in India that are scarcely available. There are a total of 4 stores in India including New Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai. Well, why do you think the eCommerce has made it big in the country carrying these luxury brands in India?

Michael Kors

Well, who can ignore the stupendous quality of the Michael Kors bags? The luxury brand in India started in the year 1981 and the New York-based designer took his love for creating to a whole new level. With the first production of the luxury brand in India focused on sportswear, the label made it big. Michael Kors collection embodies clothing for both men and women, accessories and a line of fragrances that consumers look out for in luxury brands in India.

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Image Source: MICHAEL KORS Dusty Coral Crepe Ruffled Cami Top

Jimmy Choo

The luxury brand in India is hyped because of the edgy collections and the brand’s products being cast in movies and series for the glittery and shimmer appeal. Well, I also fell for Jimmy Choo for the same reason about 15 years ago. Empowering women across the globe, the label provides bold collections. For example, Jimmy Choo shoes and Jimmy Choo clutches are immensely popular. The brand stores are in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and in a few other cities, the luxury brand in India.

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Image Source: JIMMY CHOO Teal Celeste Clutch


With the only outlet of Versace in Delhi, the high-end luxury label in India is most craved by consumers. Last on the list of luxury brands in India Versace is popular for a lot of things including the logo of the brand. The logo of the luxury brand in India itself boasts the charm and enchantment the brand offers in its products. With the bold designs, Versace also epitomizes sensual glamour and that’s exactly what makes it a luxury brand in India that consumers look out for.

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Image Source: VERSACE JEANS Black Cady Gerard Light Dress

Ralph Lauren

Have you tried mens polo by Ralph Lauren? Well, you might not have tried the iconic and chic collection offered by the fashion house. Last year the label celebrated its 50th anniversary in the most starry way possible. With A-listers from all walks of life made sure to be there, the function featured the amazing collection for men, women, and kids as well. The collection offered by Ralph Lauren is all about fine quality, vibrant colors, and fits that are meant for all body types. The first store opened by the brand in India was last year in Delhi.

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Image Source: RALPH LAUREN Black Saffy Cold Shoulder Dress

Now, that you know that talking specifically about the Indian continent, there are only a few places which have the accessibility to the luxury fashion. Well, this paves the way for online shopping that makes them pick the best and discounted prices. So, if you want to make space for luxury fashion in your closet, shop online the best options from the brands mentioned above.