9 Best places to download free movies online legally

Online streaming movies become very popular these days. People love to watch and download their favorite movie via online streaming platforms. One can watch their favorite movies on TV, cinema halls, or via online streaming platforms. Moreover, there are ‘n’ numbers of online streaming platforms that offer a wide collection of movies and allow them to download free movies. There are various apps available on the internet which offers a wide collection of movies. There are movies available in various genres. Mentioned below are 9 most popular places to download your favorite movies online legally –

1). YouTube

YouTube is the most popular platform to download and watch your favorite movies. The platform is launched in the year 2005. It is known as the ultimate source for offering a bunch of videos. You can obtain millions of free videos and movies with easy to search attribute. You can obtain easily get free online movies without following any kind of registration. The platform offers free movie download option while some of the movies are paid. This website is also known to obtain free Hollywood movies as well.

2). The Internet Archive

Many come & go. But, The Internet Archive enjoys its viewers from various years. The platform is known as one of the best platforms to watch and download your favorite movie. There is a wide collection of movies having various genres. You can get full-length movies, TV shows, etc. The platform also offers free virtual card, so that, its users can access the forums, download their favorite movies, etc. the catalog of movies is increasing day by day. You can download the movies without any registration.

3). Vimeo

Vimeo is also one of the most popular movie download platforms that offer a highly diversified website for movie enthusiasts. You can get the best and exclusive content or various kinds of shows on this website. If you are a documentary fan, the platform allows you to download and watch your favorite documentary. You can also get the trendy short movies on this platform. Moreover, you can get on-demand movies on this platform.

4). Hotstar

Hotstar is one of the best platforms to watch and download your favorite movies. This platform is known as the perfect spot for the movie enthusiast. The platform has a fantastic and easy to use interface. You can install the app of Hotstar and enjoy your favorite movie or TV shows on your phone.

5). Crackle

Crackle is one of the great platforms which offer diverse movies and TV shows. The platform helps you to watch and download your favorite movie. The platform is owned by Sony. This platform offers you the movies having great producers such as Fox Digital, Universal Studios, Warner Bros, and many others. It has easy navigation & best streaming capabilities.

6). Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix is the best movie download platform which is owned by the Screen Media Ventures. The platform offers various kinds of movies that include horror, drama, family, fun, comedy, romance, and various kinds of documentaries. It is the free movie download platform having millions of users.

7). Retrovision

Retrovision is also known or the best movie download platform. If you are exploring for the best or excellent video content, then Retrovision is must to install. The app is attuned with all devices such as iOS and Android. The movies are arranged according to their genres and categories.

8). Pluto TV

Pluto TV is also one of the most popular movies download website. The platform is favorite for numerous movie enthusiasts. You can get movies from different genres. You can watch various movies or videos related to sports, news, tech, and many more. The platform offers smooth streaming.

9). Top Documentary Films

TopDocumentaryFilms is also one of the best platforms have 3000 plus films. You can download most of the documentaries from this platform. Moreover, you can get access to enriching entertainment via this platform. You can check out the ratings of each movie with this platform.

Final Verdict

All the above platforms are best to watch and download your favorite movie. Some of them are responsible to provide you access enriching entertainment. Thus, rely on this platform and get free movie download on your mobile.