A Hair/Beauty Salon Can Make Money Online

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Beauty Salon Can Make Money Online


As the number of people using the internet keeps soaring, many businesses are utilizing it as a dependable marketing tool. If you have a brick and mortar salon, you can make more money as long as you broadcast your brand. Even the smallest towns usually have more than one beauty salon. Unless you are the only game in town then you need ways to grab your share. Cleverly using the web can increase not only your profit from footfall into the salon but also offer new streams of income previously unavailable.


The web is busy now, almost every business is online in some form or another, so you might be mistaken in thinking that you are too late to the party, but the good thing about the online family is that it never stops growing. You can serve millions of clients within minutes. The same time would only cater to one client at your local salon or beauty salon. So how do you transform your business to a super successful organization?

There is help out there. Services like Phorest salon management software exist to help salon owners achieve great results online. Not just by providing software, but also help and inspiration with marketing and social media.

Earn Money Online

Develop a website

Most salons have a website. Do a google search for any town+salon and you will no doubt find the local salon business page. However, the overwhelming majority of salon site are poor, to say the least. Some are just downright terrible.  If yours in one of these then there is no need to fret as there are ways to build it up which will soon see a return.


Start by looking at your site. Is it 1 or 2 pages, with the only content being a map and a price list? if so then you might not be fully taking advantage of you web presence.

Yes, your website is your online brochure, but it is also more than that. Most salons have taken that phrase to heart and simply uploaded their brochure to the web. That folded glossy sheet that probably sits on your receptionist desk for customers to take. Well, you already have one of those, why make your website just another version of it?


A website has much more potential than that glossy paper. At a conservative estimate, I guess 90% of salon websites don’t use their blogs, or even have one. Many people believe that the blog is somewhere to write their thoughts and feelings, or keep people up to date with events at the salon, and in a way it is. It is also where most clients will be spending their online time, it is also the place you to put the content that other websites want so much to link to and, in turn, send their readers who may turn into your customers.


Your content shouldn’t just be about your salon, try to tap into the zeitgeist of the web as a whole. What do your clients search for online? how do they spend their time? it’s not all just cat pics and chain letters you know. Create imaginative content which people will want to show their friends. Here are some great infographics to start you off: Great Salon Infographics.



When your salon website is more than just an online price list you will start to generate traffic, increasing this traffic and converting it to cold hard spending money is the next step.


Consider local listings

Listing pages like yelp are a great source of traffic. Most people will search for the nearest salon to get their hair done. For that, you should consider listing your business in the web directory. This will help people locate you easily. Links on the directory pointing to your site will send you traffic.


Market your business

Initially, when you first develop your website, clients won’t aware of your existence. There are several marketing strategies that you can consider when you want to market your business.

Taking PPC (Pay Per Click ads) on Google will raise awareness of your website and your business. While it may appear daunting at first it really is simple, you could even pay an agency to run it for you if you wished.


Get on social media

It is likely that you are already on several social media. Facebook, Pinterest, and snap chat are the ones which work well within the beauty market. Most of your clients are probably using them too. One of the main sayings in marketing is “be where your target audience is”. The great thing about these apps is the level of interaction you can receive from your audience. Clients happy with their cuts can be encouraged to post reviews and selfies to your pages, hashtags such as #yoursalonname can create a buzz around your brand, which in turn directs traffic to your site and eventually to your stations.


Use online stores

Now we have generated a lot of new traffic to your website, it is busy and getting a lot of hits. People are talking about your brand online and sharing stories and ideas which originated on your blog. Although there is a problem. Lots of these new fans aren’t local, they can’t come to your store for a cut. So you aren’t making money off them. While you may be doing great business online if they can’t get in to give you their cash then what use is it. Hopefully during this rise in interest online your shop has actually seen more footfall. So in a way you have made more money than you would without it. You can do more, though. The internet is a great place to build a multi-channel brand. Once you have the site and are attracting traffic you are in a prime position to diversify. Without a doubt, there is a shelf in your salon filled with shampoo and lotion, which you always aim to sell, but may have varying degrees of success. Your website is the next logical step. With minimal outlay, you can convert the site with an e-commerce plug-in and begin to ship your salon products to your customer. They can shop and buy they lines they like direct from you. If you have been a good client than it is also likely that your supplier may be interested in a shipping deal. You handle the ordering and marketing of their products and they handle the shipping direct from the warehouse. This is called drop-shipping. The manufacturer is happy as they no longer need to send agents out to vendors to purchase orders. The vendor is happy as they only need to keep minimal stock on site. The customer is happy as they can order through your website, pay with a credit card and have it delivered direct from a trusted source: you.


With your salon site, you can make more money by utilizing the internet. Ensure that you engage with your clients online, and answer their questions promptly at all times. Provide them with a great service and always have ideas for content and new ways of selling.


It is all about making things interesting when you introduce your business to the internet family.

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