Everything You Need to Know About Ethereum

Everything You Need to Know About Ethereum

Cryptocurrencies are right now the hot topic on the internet. When somebody thinks of Cryptocurrencies, the first currencies that will most likely come to his or her mind is Bitcoin. Bitcoin has been the biggest currency in terms of market capitalization, but now slowly, other currencies are chasing Bitcoin payments, showing rapid growth.

The second biggest name of Cryptocurrency after Bitcoin is Ethereum.Ethereum has shown significant growth in the past few years, and Ethereum has become the favorite investment for investors. The reason behind such big investments and favoritism from investors is because Ethereum is more than just a Crypto among the crowd of a hundred other cryptocurrencies. In fact, it has reached to a height that it is popularly known as the Digital Silver just after the bitcoin which is called digital gold.

What Is Ethereum?

Ethereum is considered to be a cryptocurrency, but in reality, Ethereum is a decentralized computer network on which the crypto is exchanged. Ether is the crypto that is powered by Ethereum decentralized system. Ethereum has a system of Ethereum Virtual Machine, which works on the back end to support the smart contracts in the chain.

Ethereum was released in July 2015 as an open-source, decentralized blockchain. Ethereum was created to reduce the dependence on the centralized system, which came with many limitations. For example, if the main server or the centralized system faces any cybercrime issue, there are chances of stealing your personal information like credit number, phone number, email ID, and many other things that come at stake.

The decentralized system of Ethereum does not let the interference of any other third party. The Ethereum ledger network gives a copy of it to everyone to see all the past transactions. It is one of the benefit of Ethereum’s decentralized system that no single person or entity holds the whole system, unlike centralized.

How Does It Work?

The total supply of Ether coins in April of 2022 was around 120 million. Ethereum sure has a large supply of currency as compared to Bitcoin. Ethereum has a crypto wallet. The wallet lets you send and receive Ether for goods and services you consume or offer.

Ethereum has a decentralized app system with smart contracts. A smart contract is a contract that makes the executions without asking for permission when all the conditions of the contract meet. Ethereum is a decentralized system that lets the user avoid the third party in between the transition with the non-fungible tokens.

Pros & Cons

Like any other crypto, Ethereum also comes with its own pros and cons in usage.


  • Decentralized system

Ethereum is offering a decentralized system that reduces the dependence of people on centralized systems. The control is not given to one authority and avoids the interference of a third party. 

  • Other functions

Ethereum is different from other currencies because it also provides the service of third-party data storage and other financial transactions with smart contract usage.

  • Fast settlements

Ethereum blockchain lets the user settle the transactions within a few seconds, which used to take days to make. Ethereum uses smart contracts, which let the user execute the contract without asking for it once all the conditions meet.


  • Potential Inflation

Ethereum is made for reducing inflation which is caused by the excessive supply of fiat currency in circulation. But Ethereum is mining around 18 million Ether per year which may lead to the same scenario as it is with the fiat currencies.

  • Cost 

The cost for transactions is charged in the Ethereum system. For every transaction, you have to pay a certain amount to the miners.

  • Volatile nature

The major investment in Ethereum is leading to an increased cost of the Ether because people are not using it as currency but rather as an investment. Here the investment is the cause behind the rise in the prices.


Ethereum is the second-largest crypto behind bitcoin. Ethereum is not crypto itself, but it is a decentralized computer system that supports its native currency of Ether. The fluctuation in the prices is because of the large investment that bitcoins and Ethereum get from inventors. The investment can now be made with an auto trading platform for Bitcoin and other currencies.


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