A Look into Liberals, Moderate, Conservative and How they Differ

The words liberal, moderate, conservative are synonymous with American politics. They are used to describe the economic and political views and affiliations of the people. But what do these words mean, and what sets them apart?

Political ideologies in America include various ideologies and ideological demographics. The American people generally identify themselves as adherent to positions along the left to right political spectrum as liberal, moderate or conservative. These Ideologies influence United States policy debates which often involve an appropriate amount of government intervention in social and economic behavior.

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While there’s a strong link between people’s ideology and their party choice, the US citizens hold vast opinions on social and economic issues that don’t always fit neatly into the liberal or conservative Continuum. That’s why some political experts have proposed a political spectrum that inclines people’s beliefs on multiple dimensions. This article will look at liberal, moderate, conservative and see what they mean and their differences.


Conservatives believe that the government should be small, running mainly at the local and state level. They prefer minimal government interference in the economy and favor private-sector best solutions to issues. Conservatives want a government to talk less and spend less. They believe that the government’s priority should be to reduce spending to balance the budget.

Conservatives also believe that those earning a high income should have an incentive to invest, and that charity is people’s responsibility. Again, they believe that people should exercise personal responsibility, and it’s the role of the government to hold them accountable even with severe penalties. Should they do something wrong. According to Conservatives, the laws should reflect the best interest of society.

Social Conservatives tend to believe that the government should maintain traditional morality, and she’ll put in place restrictions on issues such as abortion, contraception, and same-sex marriage. They also oppose embryonic stem cell research and gay marriage and support the death penalty, the right to bear arms, and personal responsibility as an individual.

Conservatives fall on the right side of the political spectrum and are commonly referred to as the right-wing. This convention started when the Conservatives sat on the right side of the assembly during the French Revolution. Conservatives typically oppose LGBT behavior, abortion, sexual activity outside marriage, and drug use. Sometimes, conservative values are based on religious beliefs, so they try to increase the role of religion in public life. Basically, the conservatives try to uphold traditional family structures and social values.


The definition of liberalism has been changing over the years. However, today’s liberals tend to believe that the government should step in matters of the economy and offer a wide range of social services to ensure that everyone is treated equally in society. For instance, they prefer more services and regulations like free universal health care to be offered by the government to all citizens. They also believe that the government should offer more services to the less fortunate and increased access when necessary.

Additionally, they believe that those with high income should pay a bigger percentage of their income as taxes. Liberals believe that the government should offer structure and enact laws that protect everyone with an equal society even at the expense of economic freedom. The liberals believe that people should get equal rights irrespective of their social inclinations.

They support gay marriage, embryonic stem cell research, as well as restrictions and regulations around the right to bear arms. They also support that abortion should be legal. Liberals fall on the left-wing of the political spectrum, which all started when the supporters sat on the left side of the assembly during the French Revolution.


As the name suggests, the moderates are somewhere in between Conservatives and Liberals. Moderates Reject radical or extreme views, especially regarding religion and politics. A moderate is someone occupying any mainstream position avoiding extreme views and ensuring social change. They occupy a central position on the left-right political spectrum. So they do not advocate for extreme right-wing or left-wing politics.

The moderates try to restore the lost middle-ground that’s essential for attaining forward progress in society. They believe that productive cooperation is possible and want what’s best and necessary for the survival of society. They believe that thoughtful, reasoned discussion between Liberals and Conservatives will yield a more workable solution than the dismissive ideologies that dwarfs today’s political debate.

The moderate political views are based on respect that everyone has a voice and a stake in the success of the country: consideration to take in all viewpoints and consider issues from all angles, and: positive outcomes where the leaders work together think out of the box, and achieve calls that serve the People’s interests.

There you have it, a great insight into liberals, moderates and conservatives meant, their beliefs and what they stand for.


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