How advanced Lighting Technology Can Enhance Any Bathroom

How advanced Lighting Technology Can Enhance Any Bathroom

Bathrooms are often hard to decorate because you are limited by the colour of the suite and often by the size of the room. One thing you can always influence, however, is the lighting and that can make a huge difference.

Decorating a bathroom can be tricky. Often they are small rooms and that restricts what you can do. It also means light is more important than in almost any other room of the house. You can make the most of natural light by careful choice of window coverings and by selecting pale colours, as well as by the positioning of mirrors. You can also help things along by adding appropriate bathroom ceiling lighting.

The latest technologies like LEDs and low-energy fluorescents mean there is a whole range of bathroom ceiling lighting available, with more choice of styles than ever before. You need good light in a bathroom to cope with tasks such as shaving and applying skin products, but just because you need brightness doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style along the way.

The Advantages Of Technology

Advances in technology mean that the shape and size restrictions imposed by the old-fashioned light bulb are a thing of the past. Compact lights using halogen or LEDs mean today’s advanced lighting comes in all shapes and sizes. They use less energy and run cooler too so it becomes possible to fit flush mounted lights for a clean, streamlined look. With a whole range of bathroom ceiling lighting on offer you really have no excuse for finding what you need. Types of lighting suitable for bathroom use are as follows:

– Low energy fluorescent
LED lights
– Mains power halogen
– Low voltage halogen

These different technologies each have their own advantages. Fluorescents give a clear light, although they can take time to reach their full brightness. They are particularly suited to pearl or opal fittings in order to give a soft, diffused effect.

LEDs are low energy and give a bright, generally bluish light. Because they are compact LEDs lend themselves to flush mounting and it is even possible to obtain LED fittings specially made for use above showers.

Halogen lights, either mains voltage or low voltage with a transformer, are a common choice for bathrooms. Again they can be mounted flush with ceilings or walls and provide a very good daylight-style of light. Spotlights are a popular use for halogen lamps, either individually or as a light bar, but do make sure the ones you choose are specifically rated for bathroom use.

You can use lighting to make a statement as well as to make the room more practical. Whether you want flush-mounted and discreet as part of a modern streamlined look or a bold statement as a focal point of a more traditional room lighting can make a huge difference. There is a whole range of bathroom ceiling lighting available today which means whichever style you want you should be able to find something suitable and at a cost which won’t break the bank.

Mary writes regularly on home improvements and DIY, she reckons there has never been a better time to give your bathroom a makeover as there is now a whole range of bathroom ceiling lighting on offer.

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