How Advanced Medical degree Offers Exceptional Opportunities for Women?

From Florence Nightingale to the recent trend of Asian women migrating to Saudi Arabian countries to work in various medical capacities, it has opened up various opportunities. One can confirm this trend via a large number of women applicants in medical colleges all over the world. One reason could be that women are considered to be the eternal caregiver and thus, the medical profession suits her best.
While you may not agree to this traditionalist viewpoint, it is a fact that more women are coming into the medical field and a large number of medical colleges are cropping up to accommodate them. There are various career opportunities for women passing out of medical colleges .In this article, we list some of them.

  1. 1.      Pharmaceutical Representatives
Pharmaceutical companies often hire women medical college pass outs as their representative. Such companies offer attractive career advancement opportunities like higher pay package and awesome work environment. Some women can also work part-time to suit their schedule. The job involves mostly sales and marketing directed towards patient, hospital staff and doctors. The idea is to avail patients the best drugs and medical products.


  1. 2.      Recruiting and Transcription
Since a large chunk of a woman’s life is spent in childcare and household management, the medical industry offers various opportunities to stay-at-home women with attractive pay package. Such opportunities include healthcare recruitment, medical writing and medical transcription. In recruitment, the job involves interviewing and hiring healthcare professionals. In writing and transcription, the job involves writing and transcribing prescriptions and other medical manuals.
  1. 3.      Medical Perfusionist
A medical perfusionist is a person whose task is to control the respiratory functions and circulation while a patient undergoes surgery on a bypass machine. The life of the patient is literally in the hands of the medical perfusionist and thus, skilled machine operators are needed every time. There are special courses for this and medical centers pay high salaries to the operators.
  1. 4.      Healthcare Product Manager
If you have a medical degree coupled with a degree in marketing or business administration, you could become a healthcare product manager. Your job profile will be to manage healthcare products, encourage product development and draw strategies to market them with results. If you want a high paying job, you need to have relevant experience in the healthcare industry but this niche is in high demand and if you have marketing skills, you should give this a try.
  1. 5.      Transplant Coordinator
There is an acute lack of transplant organs while the list of transplant receivers is growing steadily. This is fueling the demand for transplant coordinators who will be involved in the complete process, starting with seeking transplant organs to post-surgical care of the patients. You could be a registered nurse to try this position or have passed medical colleges in a related Advanced Medical degree. This field will see immense growth in the next couple of years.
  1. 6.      Manager of Clinical Trials
The advancement in medicines and drug therapies is dependent upon clinical trials. As such, there is a demand for clinical trial managers whose responsibility will be to oversee the whole clinical process and ensure that the medical trials adhere to various medical protocols. A higher position in this field is of a clinical research manager with more job responsibilities. While some clinical research centers require just a medical certificate from applicants, other institutes prefer a master’s degree in medicine.
Doctors and nurses are common medical practices. While not every woman can afford to become a doctor financially, others may not have the right skill and mentality to become a nurse. Hence, we have given you six other ways where you get to remain in the medical field and get to use the medical degree for other career opportunities.
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