How fitness can be easily translated into self-improvement

How fitness can be easily translated into self-improvement

Read How fitness can be easily translated into self-improvement



The chronology of our personal lives can be divided into either periods of satisfaction or dis-satisfaction. I am not referring to the medieval concepts of sin such as gluttony, greed or lust. What I actually mean when addressing the terms satisfaction and dis-satisfaction is how you feel within your self. A prime example is when someone exudes confidence. These people are described as being comfortable in their own skin. This is called a turn of phrase.


Many a turn of phrase are still relevant because they are still true. They wouldn’t still be colloquially used if they were not. Another term of phrase that has been tag lined by many online self-well professionals is ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’. This turn of phrase shows the oscillation between the body and the mind and how one can affect the other.

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Your mind is your greatest asset that you have because you can convince yourself of what you want. The mind has a healthy habit of tricking you. Sometimes it can affect you negatively but that depends on how you view your intrinsic self. Our reality is not aligned with scientific fiction where we can manipulate other people as well as our environments. However, we have mastered the art of manipulating ourselves. We can do this by training our body and our mind or both our body and our mind, in tandem with each other. People aren’t running and throwing money at gyms, personal trainers and yoga pants for no reason what so ever. There is a collective conscious within current society that has been developed by the ability to both, access and share information. Because of this, everyday people are able to change their lives within a minute through a video tutorial. People are able to learn very quickly, very easily and more efficiently. Self-improvement is now an affordable commodity.

How fitness can be easily translated into self-improvement

The art of self-improvement is like a soup and like any soup you need one chef or it is spoilt. You are the one and only chef who can add and stir whenever you want. Secondly, you need a large pot. Your pot needs to be vast because you want to put in a lot into it. The more you put into it the more you get out of it. You also want it to be sturdy because a sturdy pot provides structure. Think of your self as an empty vessel that can be filled. You will take to new activities because you are open to them. Finally, you need to commit. This isn’t a ready meal! This is a slow and rewarding process. You wont be able to taste the flavour within 10 minutes. So if you commit yourself as an individual, you will be to improve yourself.


In what way can this self-improvement be achieved? Well, as a personal trainer I used fitness as a means to improve my quality of life. I also used fitness as a mean to improve my career. I have many clients who come to me for help. They want to improve their body and lifestyle through fitness. During my time as a personal trainer I have found that while exercising has positive effects on the body, it also has positive effects on your mind. You are happier because you are healthier. This happens because the mind and body have an affect each other. Your brain send’s electrical signals through your synapses to your motor neurone, so you can move, your brain also release chemicals that deposit in your blood. These chemicals can affect your mood.

So what are these chemicals and how do they affect the way we think and feel. Well exercise is the easiest way to break down chemicals within your body. These chemicals include:


Serotonin is often found lower in content within patients who are subject to depression.  By working up a sweat through a metabolic workout your body tells your brain to release more compound of serotonin. Exercise is recommended by GP’s to patients who are suffering with depression. Many people take anti-depressants to combat depression but exercise is just as good and a lot more natural. Aerobic exercise releases the most amounts of serotonin. So if you are in need of improving your mentality go for a swim and feed your body with large amounts of serotonin. The more serotonin you have, the better you will feel.


Norepinephrine is a both a chemical and a hormone that is released from your adrenal glands above your kidneys during high intensity workouts. You brain also releases norepinephrine. The chemical is good for you because it makes you more alert and focused.  It is also good for memory retrieval. Research shows that immediately after an exercise your brain is better at accomplishing tasks and resisting distraction. So if you want to be more productive you should try involving more high intensity workouts into your weekly schedule.  This will make you more productive in your day-day life.


Brain-derived neurotrophic factor is an important chemical that is released during exercise. The chemical fosters long-term neurological health because it helps fix damage between your nerve cells. Think of it as a regenerative chemical that keeps your brain in its best condition. The BNDF chemical is most active within the hippocampus. The hippocampus is the part of the brain which acts upon your emotion, memory and the autonomic nervous system. So if you want to be more emotionally invested and have a better memory, you should exercise more often.


Dopamine is what neurological experts call the chemical of ‘motivation and reward’. Dopamine is what gives you the chemical kick to go about your business. People who are low on dopamine are more often that not, depressed. If you exercise you will release more dopamine into your system. This is why exercise is the natural anti-depressant.


Endorphins are the most popular chemical out of all the chemicals that your brain releases.  This is because endorphins make you feel good and everybody likes to feel good. People get natural highs that are induced by endorphins during long periods of exercise. They also have other beneficial qualities. Endorphins act as a pain relevant and stress relevant. They also help to improve your self-esteem. If you build the amount of endorphins in your body through exercise you will no longer find exercise as arduous.



To conclude, we should gather our variables. Our variables are the different chemicals our body releases. Our other variables include all the different individuals who want to improve their self or their lifestyle. Our constant variable is exercise that releases all of these chemicals. So the correlation between the two is clear. Exercise is a means to self-improvement. All of the different aspects in your life can be improved for the better through exercise. It is your choice to get moving or get snoozing.






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