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Baby Diaper Rash How to Tips

Caring for babies may be one of the biggest challenges, especially to first time moms. At the beginning, you and your partner perhaps will feel being
overwhelmed with the magnitude of things that you need to learn to take good care of your baby. Soon enough, you will be able to know how to appease your
babies and be able to identify what they need.

One of the most common concerns for babies is the diaper rash. Baby Diaper Rash can become very uncomfortable to babies and this can be prevented with proper care.

Baby Diaper Rash

Buy Diapers that Fits Comfortably to Your Baby.
As babies can grow so fast, you need to know the right size of the diaper appropriate to your baby’s age. Well-fitting diapers are those that are not too
tight in the leg area as this can restrict your baby’s movement that often result in chafing. This could often result to a rash around the baby’s waist and

Make sure that your baby’s diaper is snug—not too tight nor too loose. An indication that your baby’s diaper is too tight is when you can see some red
marks on the waist or thighs. When such happen, you need to adjust the tightness of the diaper, or you may need to buy a larger diaper that will
comfortably fit your baby.

If you have too many diapers outgrown r your baby, you may want to give it to your friends or relatives or you can donate it to any local orphanage or baby
care centers, instead of throwing them out in the trash bin.

You Should Change Your Baby’s Diaper Often.
No matter how absorbent your baby’s diaper is, wearing them over an extended period will trap the heat on your baby’s body. This will encourage bacterial
growth that will eventually lead to diaper rash. You must be aware of the condition of your baby’s diaper at all times, as it may need changing. Change
your baby’s diaper at least every 3 hours and immediately after your baby pees or poops and never let babies sit in a poopy diaper or a diaper filled with
pee. Aside from getting babies extremely uncomfortable, it can definitely cause diaper rash and other skin problems.

3. Watch Your Baby’s Diet and Use Pro-biotics. One of the most common causes of diaper rash is yeast. If your baby experience and
imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the intestinal tract, yeast seem to thrive more. This imbalance may be caused by high intake of soy, sugar, acidic
juices or dairy products whether directly taken or indirectly through breast milk.

Consider adding pro-biotic supplements to your baby’s diet or you may put some in your nipple during breastfeeding or adding some to your baby’s juice or
water. This can help maintain the balance of good and bad bacteria in your baby’s digestive system which could help prevent the appearance of diaper rash.

Avoid harsh chemicals and fragrances.
Fragrances and other harsh chemicals could come closest to baby’s skin that can cause irritation. Check on the detergents, creams, shampoo, lotions
disposable baby wipes that you use as they can contain hard chemicals and fragrances that can be harmful to your baby’s skin and can cause diaper rash.

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