How to Block Canara Bank ATM Card?

How to Block Canara Bank ATM Card?

How to Block Canara Bank ATM Card?


There are many ways by following which we can withdraw the money from our bank accounts. But the most famous and loved method to withdraw the money or cash is using the ATM Card issued to us by the bank. These simple-looking plastic cards can do many things. These cards can be used to withdraw money, deposit money using Cash Deposit Machine, can be used at POS and also can be used to make payments online. Not only this but some latest ATM cards issued by the banks are also can be used internationally.

This means you can use your ATM Card to make purchases not only in India. But also in other countries. Of course, the canara bank debit card block will charge you more for currency conversion in other countries. You should also know that the country where you are using your card should support international debit and credit cards. For example, some countries like Iran do not allow you to use VISA and MasterCard powered payment cards. In such a case you will have to look for alternative methods to get cash and other monetary resources in those countries. However, even Canara Bank issues international debit card (ATM Card) which is powered by VISA.

What we discussed about the ATM Cards so till now are the advantages. And the cards are really helpful to us as they remove the need for carrying cash with us. But these cards can turn things into disastrous if you have lost it somewhere or your credentials have been exposed to others. Here you will find everything you need to know about how you can block Canara Bank ATM Card. We will be explaining to you what can happen when you have lost the card. And the various ways to block the card quickly.

What Can Happen When You Lose Your ATM Card?

To be very precise about the negative thing that can happen with you is the unauthorized usage of your Canara Bank ATM Card. This can happen in many ways, we have listed down some of the ways.

  • Your ATM Card Credentials Maybe Exposed.
  • The lost ATM Card may be cloned.
  • The contactless payment technology can be misused.

If your ATM Card details like your PIN Number and the CVV number are exposed to others. And the same person who knows your details gets your card. Then he or she will definitely get the cash out of your bank account.

We keep hearing things regarding the cloning of the credit and debit cards. When someone clones your card it will start acting as your original debit card.

The contactless payments technology is undoubtedly groundbreaking. With the help of this technology, we can make the payments up to Rs. 2,000 just by tapping the card on the POS machine. But here the card user will not be asked to enter your 4 digits PIN Number. So the machine and the payment system will not be knowing who is using the card. But the payment will be done and the money will be debited from your bank account.

These are just 3 examples and there are many others for the unauthorized usage of your Canara Bank ATM Card if you have lost it somewhere. If you know any other example and wish to share it with others then you can do it by commenting down below.

Can I Block My ATM Card Temporarily?

There are many banks in India that allow their customers to block their cards on a temporary basis. Which means the customer care later reactivate the card and use it further. This feature will help us when you have just misplaced your card and you are 100% sure you will get it back without any unauthorized transaction taking place.

Like, say you have kept your card at home somewhere and you are unable to find it currently. But you are sure you will get it soon then you can block it temporarily.

But wait.

You can not do that in the case of Canara Bank.


That is because as on 5/5/2020 there is no feature given by the Canara Bank to their customers to block their card on a temporary basis.

What Happens When You Block Your ATM Card?

As soon as you intimate Canara Bank that you have lost your card and want to block the same. The bank’s system will block further usage domestically and internationally.

How to Block Canara Bank ATM Card?

Here you should keep one thing in your mind and that is once your card is blocked you can not use it even if you find it back. It will turn into a waste plastic card. You again have to request a new ATM card from the bank and the bank might charge you for the replacement card.

Will the Bank Charge Me?

Here Canara Bank will not be charging you anything to block your lost debit card or ATM card. The card blocking system of the bank will work for free. But the bank will charge you to for the new ATM card which will be issued to your bank account. The charges vary on the card which you have requested from the bank.

How to Block Canara Bank ATM Card?

You can block your lost Canara Bank ATM Card by following multiple methods. However, most of the methods are mentioned below. You can follow any one of them which you like to get your lost card blocked.

Getting your Card Blocked by Call

  • Call the customer care of the Canara bank atm card block toll free number 1800 425 0018.
  • Use the IVR options to block your card.
  • Press 1 to block your card. (It will be Instantly Blocked)


  • Call the customer care of the bank.
  • Use IVR options to get your call connected to the customer care executive.
  • Tell them that you have lost your card and want to block the same.
  • They will help you to get the lost card blocked.

How can i block my canara bank atm card by sms-

Sending SMS to Block your Card
  • And send it to 5607060.

Note: You have to send this SMS from your registered mobile number only. And you have to type your 16 digits ATM Card Number.

Using Canara Bank Internet Banking

  • Visit the official Internet Banking Portal of the bank.
  • Enter your Login ID and Password and click on Sign In button.
  • Click on Card Services.
  • Select your card which you wish to block and click on the block button.

Using Can Mobile Application

  • Download and Install Can Mobile Application.
  • Enter your login credentials.
  • Tap on Card Services > Debit Cards.
  • Select the debit card you want to block > Tap on Block the Card button.

Left to You

These are the 4 methods that you can use to Block Canara Bank ATM Card. You can choose any one of these methods to get your card blocked. But all you have to make sure is to get it blocked as soon as possible. The fastest method to block the card is by sending SMS from your registered mobile number. Other methods would take more time. And additionally, you can also visit your home branch to block the card.



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