Cruising Adventure: 10 Best Scenic Places To Go!

From calving glaciers to massive oceans and bright coral reefs, an adventure cruise has a lot more to offer. No matter how many places you visit, you will surely find something new to look for with every cruise trip. Remember, the world always appears more beautiful from the deck of a ship. Scenic beauty, adventure and exploration, all add up to provide you with your life’s most beautiful and breathtaking experience. Here are 10 best scenic places to go for a cruising adventure.

Best Scenic Places

1. Galapagos Islands

It is a group of volcanic islands located 575 mi west of Ecuador. A biological marine reserve, a national park and an Ecuadorian province constitute the Galapagos Islands and its surrounding water. You may see pristine beaches and volcanic peaks while on the cruise. The land is renowned for a variety of endemic species found over there like blue footed boobies, giant tortoise, cormorants, marine iguanas and finches. You may also find some rare plant species like huge cacti and various endemic trees. During the voyage of the Beagle, Charles Darwin studied a huge number of endemic species found in the island which made the island famous.

2. Baja California/Sea of Cortez

If you are looking for an unrivaled experience of an adventure cruise, Baja California is the best place to visit. Turquoise water with giant size California grey whales will surely leave you astonished. You may ride kayaks to explore the coastline or go snorkeling to search for sea lions and other marine animals. Visitors find this place excellent for hiking through forests and desert islands. Apart from this, sand dunes, sea and a variety of flora and fauna makes this place a must visit for adventure cruise.

3. Alaska

Going for a cruise in Alaska could be tingling enough to bring you back to the place again. The backwoods along with peaceful waters and massive forests provides an extraordinary experience. The bays filled with glaciers are the biggest attraction of the cruise. Find yourself lost in the beauty and wilderness of nature. While on the cruise, you may spot some gigantic yet elegant whales and other sea creatures. Cruising on a yacht or a small ship is the best way to explore and admire the beauty of Alaska.

4. The Kimberley

The complex landscape and an expedition through long coastline are what The Kimberley has to offer its visitors. The island is named after the 1st Earl of Kimberley, John Wodehouse, The Secretary of State for the colonies in 1870’s. You may spot a wide variety of distinctive flora in the rugged sandstone including Darwin woolly butt and stringy bark as well as boab and low blood wood trees. During the cruise, it is very common to spot giant saltwater crocodiles to Komodo dragons and humpback whales. You may see giant manta rays while snorkeling in the Rowley Shoals.


5. Antarctica and the South Shetland Islands

Antarctica offers a wide spectrum of natural beauty in the form of massive water surrounded by frozen island. The main attraction is South Shetland Islands which has a deception island that allows you to swim in Antarctica. Since the deception island is formed due to a collapsed volcanic cone, the water above it stays hot and allows you to paddle through a mix of hot and cold water. The elephant island, Penguin Island and Half Moon Island have spectacular picturesque and unforgettable views.

6. Borneo

Situated in South China Sea in north-west of Australia, Borneo Island is a part of south-east Asia. The high mountains along with the highest peak called Mount Kinabalu are loaded with scenic beauty and picturesque views. The island is also famous for its cave system. While cruising through the waters, you may find many pools and pristine rivers which passes through the caves. Endangered orangutans in the wild are easily spotted while sailing from Singapore to Borneo. You may also see huge komodo dragons and find many see creatures while diving through the immaculate coral reefs.

7. French Polynesia

Sculpted majestic moss-green mountains, a barrier reef and a shimmering lagoon, French Polynesia is one of the most beautiful place to go for an adventure cruise. Visitors find this place best for snorkeling and scuba diving. Don’t miss the underwater experience and get your underwater camera ready for capturing the vivid colors and the life under water. Experience the feeling of swimming with numerous manta rays and many other colorful fishes. The mountain peaks are sculpted by ancient volcanoes making it feel like paradise on earth.

8. Hebridean Islands

The Hebridean Islands is famous for its scenic beauty. You will soon find yourself taken over the magnificent exquisiteness of the islands. Rocky cliffs with desolate seashores and meagerly populated numerous islands, all combine to form a place which is no less beautiful than heaven. You may see striking rock pillars in rolling moorland and a beautiful peak in Skye’s Trotternish Peninsula. Mysterious stone circles and numerous whales and dolphins make this place favorite among nature admirers. March to November is the best part of the year to visit this place for a memorable adventure cruise.

9. The Arctic/Spitsbergen

Covering an area of 15,075 sq mi, Spitsbergen is the largest and the only populated island of Svalbard in Norway. The main attraction being Polar bears, which are spotted easily, there are numerous other animals to admire. Whales, dolphins, walruses, seals and other marine mammals inhabit the place and make it a good spot to visit. Apart from this, Svalbard poppy, Svalbard reindeer and migratory birds provides a picturesque view to the island. The cruise makes you get near to the icy wilderness of the Arctic making it unforgettable for life.

10. Madagascar

Formerly known as the Malagasy Republic, The Madagascar is an island of scenic beauty. The dense forests and the high volcanic peaks make the place a must visit for cruisers and nature lovers. You may even spot an active volcano while on your expedition. One of the biggest peaks of Madagascar is only visible if you cruise to the island from East Africa. You may see a wide variety of animals including lemurs. Picturesque vies of unspoiled beaches and beautiful coral reefs make the island one of the finest places for a memorable adventure cruise.

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