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 Experts Business Security Essentials

Business security is particularly important, much like you wouldn’t leave your home without having working locks or closing all the windows you don’t want to leave your business unprotected. Most businesses are small but filled with important and valuable items and information, and as a business owner or manager it is your duty to protect everything, not only because that will protect your business and financial situation but also because it is your legal obligation.

Any business that collects information about their customers are legally obligated to protect that information – no doubt something you already knew. When you gather a customer’s information online you protect it so that other online users can’t access it, this protects your company too as allowing anyone to access a customer’s personal information would be a breach of the data protection act. This should be the same for your office, you are likely to have a lot of customer, employee and contractor information around your office, whether that is on the computer systems of in filing units, regardless of whether the information is physically stolen or damaged does not matter, the only thing that matters is that it is your responsibility to protect it.
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For this reason there are a number of precautions that any business should have in place; first of all the computer systems should be secure and should require logins to protect the information stored on user accounts. Second of all any personal data for which you own hardcopies (invoices, registration documents and so on) should be stored in a safe and locked place such as a secure filing unit. With the computer systems secure you need to keep the computers and property secure, of course if the technology in your office space or business area were stolen you would have to spend large amounts of money replacing it and will have most likely lost all data on those devices. To help prevent this having secure entry systems, CCTV cameras, alarm systems and general security would be greatly beneficial.

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Most companies now have electronic systems that will operate based on the individual using it, whether each person has a unique password to enter and leave the building or whether it uses a key-fob or ID card. This is because these systems allow the security system to identify who had access to which rooms and when, it is also possible to limit an individual’s access which means that you can prevent some people from entering certain rooms. CCTV allows you to see what everyone is doing and should there ever arise any problems evidence will be available easily from the cameras; this is a big aid in the majority of legal issues within businesses today.

Alarms are particularly important and very quick and easy to install, most contractors will install alarms in a day and are generally happy enough to do this on a Saturday so that it does not impact your office hours. Both fire alarms and security alarms are important and most can be set up to your specifications, for example alarms might be triggered if a room is entered where the person did not have the correct security permissions or might only be activated after lockup if movement is detected within the building. In the majority of cases a loud alarm will frighten off a burglar before they have a chance to steal anything.

Fire alarms are essential to notifying anyone within the building of danger, for which reason you should ensure that they are installed and proper fire escapes are provided. This is a basic health and safety requirement and very important to the wellbeing of anyone within your business.

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