Is Investing In Rental Property A Good Move?

Is Investing In Rental Property A Good Move?
Why should you invest in property?
Real estate is one of the most lucrative investment options available right now. The days for stocks are long gone for the cautious investor. Purchasing property is the new way to go. There are quite a few reasons why investing in residential properties is a good idea. Here are some noted down for you.
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  1. The globalization and liberalized Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policy has made the world an investor’s oyster. Even if you feel that your country’s real estate market is not fit for investment, you may want to consider buying some residential properties in Mumbai, Pune, Bangaluru, Indore or Nashik, in India. These places have shown dramatic appreciation in the past decade or so, making them perfect for such ventures.
  2. The inflow of large foreign capital has fueled the real estate markets in developing countries. Also, this has caused rapid infrastructure developments and urbanization of cities showing potential as commercial hubs. This in turn has produced better career opportunities for residents who move to these cities, granting them a raise in their disposable income level.
  3. All this has caused a high demand for good quality residential projects in such cities around the world. These are the cities worth investing in, especially in the residential real estate sector of the market. Almost all leading developers today have at least one residential project to their name and are keen to tap into the growth spur. Thus, you can rest assured that no matter what your budget for investment, you can find and buy a rental property that fits your budget as well as needs perfectly.
  4. The diverse demographic characteristics such cities possess work to the investors’ advantage in making the property sellable and gather a handsome rent. The appreciation rate makes for a substantial profit margin on resale, whereas you can count on a good rental income for as long as you wish to keep the property on your name without using it personally.
  5. The unstable economic times call for such investments that guarantee returns and can be used to make some money contributing to your monthly income.
Once you have made up your mind about investing in a residential property, there are some things you must keep in mind before starting to scout for houses. Buying a house is not a fairly simple endeavor. It requires patience, so be mentally prepared to put in the time. It may be a good idea to consult a well-known real estate agency in the city.
They might have some interesting properties listed with them that can start you off on the journey to buy your perfect investment. When it comes to real estate agents and agencies, you must take advantage of their knowledge about the city and particular areas you are considering. Keep in mind that these are professionals that know the sector inside out. Do not hesitate to ask them any question that may be troubling you about investing in this sector or certain areas of the city.
It may also be wise to know the exact amount you can afford to invest. You won’t go far without knowing this figure. Contact your accountant and bank to know the budget that is feasible for you.
The one rule about a successful real estate investment is to get the location right. Location is the key to your future profits, so be very picky about where you buy the house. For residential investment the ideal locality should be one that has a low crime rate, offers all the amenities of modern living, has educational institutes at close or convenient proximity, is located fairly near transport hubs like bus and train stations, and has a developed social infrastructure.
Bio – Jacob T. Madison is a freelance journalist that has done several pieces on the boom of residential properties in Mumbai. He enjoys writing about the real estate sector in developing countries like India and China. Jacob enjoys traveling and has been to most countries in Asia. Also he writes for


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