Fill Up Your Trolley! Cash And Carry Shopping Without Tears


Cash And Carry Shopping

Every hotel or guest house owner who is proud of the food they serve dreads that time when it means a trip to the cash and carry, but this need not be the case if you plan ahead. Read on to find out how.So Fill Up Your Trolley! cash and carry online shopping Without Tears
The most important thing about carrying out this mammoth task without losing your mind is to be organised. Now, this doesn’t always come easy to some people, but let us assure you, once you get into the habit it will become second nature.
  Cash And Carry Shopping
The first rule of being prepared and organised is make a list. Have a white board or even a pad and pencil in the kitchen so that whenever something is used up or nearly finished, you can write it down on the shopping list. Wholesale food buying is just like buying for your own family, only on a bigger scale, so treat it as such!
Time is tight when you are trying to run a successful business and this is certainly the case in the leisure and tourism industry where hotels are engaged in fierce competition with each other to encourage maximum footfall to their premises. This is certainly the case when it comes to that all-important wholesale food shopping day and you have to make time to buy.
Go For IT
Most major cash and carry outlets also provide an online ordering service which means you don’t even have to attend. You simply log in to your account and shop merrily away. All it takes is a methodical approach and several clicks of the mouse. Most databases even save previous shopping lists for you, so your ‘favourites’ are also highlighted and you never have to go searching for them.
The helpful thing about online shopping is the supplier delivers to your premises, so you don’t even have to get the car out. You can carry on with the important tasks of running your business without setting foot outside and getting caught up with all the hassle of traffic, parking and carrying heavy goods to your car.
By using the online facility someone else does all the hard work for you, selecting products off the shelves and carefully choosing alternatives if a particular item is out of stock. Just like doing it yourself you can specify alternatives instead of going without.
If you prefer the personal touch then don’t forget your list. It may be a long one and can be made much easier if you try and memorise the layout of your cash and carry branch. Again, just like shopping for the family write the list in the order of aisles and then you won’t have to keep back peddling and wasting time.
So you see, buying from the cash and carry need not reduce you to tears of rage and frustration. Just take a deep breath and go for it! There are people out there to help you, so use their skills and expertise. You will soon be anticipating your mega shop with excitement instead of foreboding!
Alice Aires is renowned in the world of catering. She is currently researching client requirements while buying wholesale food, to enable a database of the best suppliers to be created. Sally is married and lives in Cornwall.

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