CNC machines-Use the best safety and security of high quality

CNC machines-Use the best safety and security of high quality

CNC machines Uses best safety and security of high quality


In 1983, Edward Barletta started the pattern of trade in metals of the owner of the company has been included in the Correggio. Later in 1989, the owner of the company has expanded its production area and also invested in new technology resources, making an extension of the systems of foil pressure machine and the purchase for robotic welding and CNC machines. The owner of the company has started to produce a large number of car accessories and then moved to the area of ??injury prevention, a cutting board effective for this particular company.



It is a manufacturing company involved in the business of production of safety devices for twenty years. The best thing about this company is, even if they have been involved in this field for several years they never compromise with the quality of the product. This company as well as safety equipment production also deals with devices EN 795. These devices are used for many purposes.


CNC machines Uses best safety and security of high quality

All products, including parapettianticaduta sicurezzacantiere and is produced by molding, cutting and assembly of all things automatically until the compliance process of surface treatments with the recent regulations that have followed the path of transformation of raw materials for make a finished product produced as well as processed only in Italy. In 2010 in June, the company was merged with the help of two teams expanded the entire production of rails with the marketing of products both internationally and nationally.

Safety devices play a critical role in protecting a home, office or any other type of building. If you are also looking for the same, make sure to buy one made with the best materials.


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One of the most important things that you should keep in mind is to look for the company that deals with safety devices production. It ‘true that there are millions of businesses in this world, but the most important thing is to look for one that is reliable and uses high quality materials.
The company that manufactures devices EN 795 is established by Edward Barletta supported the efforts of Fabiana children and Federico. And ‘now it considered as a manufacturing plant. This piece is manufactured from the raw material, molding, automated assembly and cut, up to the whole procedure of surface treatment, in accordance with recent legislation around the path followed by Italian and by the processing of raw materials to a finished element that is processed in Italy alone.In 2010 during the month of June, the company that provides various LIFE LINE PRICES itself emerged with the union of two different teams, which increases the production of social accident parapets with the marketing of products both internationally and nationally. Currently, this company deals with is established in a total area of over 10,000 square meters and is displayed in the Italian business today.



The company Edward Barletta is supported in all the efforts by his two sons named as Fabiana and Frederick, who has now built a house full production. The creation of this company starts cutting, raw materials, automated assembly and stamping up the steps of surface treatments all in full compliance with the latest standards and regulations which in turn follows a path from the Italian processing of raw materials to product finished. If you are also looking for fall protection equipment, the only thing you need is to visit the company’s website.

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