7 Amazing tips to Increase Number of Blog Posts per Week

If you’re aiming to be a serious blogger there are many important things you need to work on, consistency is one of them. To achieve a consistent blog status you need to work really hard. These are some important tips to increase the number of blog posts per week.
Dragon Dictation: It will help you to write blog posts in amazingly little time. Experienced bloggers say that it only takes less than 10 minutes to write fairly big articles with a word count up to 500. Increase Number of Blog Posts Concentrate on a Single topic: Each and every post has to be seen as a building block which can used as a reference in some other post. If you are careless and drift through various topics in a single post itself you are likely to lose your focus. If you can concentrate on a single topic while writing a blog post it is going to be reusable/citable both by others and your future writings.
Read lot: If you dream to be a successful blogger you should browse through a lot of other blogs, forums, magazines etc. Some of the experts admit that they read almost about 10+ blogs a single day. Choose blogs in such a way that they are informative and inspiring and often lead to firing up a mind-
map or post soon after.
Books: There is a thick difference between a blog and a book even if it is not visible from a surface. A blog is a collection of someone’s insights, whereas a book is the whole mind. A blog can only give you an insight on someone’s thoughts on a particular day or a particular subject whereas books can tell why they think the way they do.
Create a Checklist: If you think to be organized you must find some way to keep track of all your blogging and social media tasks. You might even start using Sticky Notes, which is an interesting way of creating those kinds of checklists.
Step Away from Your Computer: This is an important tip that has to be strictly followed. Computers and the Internet have already become a major part of our daily life, this can’t be denied. However it can be very challenging to stay on track and publish quality content if you stay in front of the computer whole day.
Take small breaks: There’s no such rule that you have to write all at once. If you have set the stop watch for 30 minutes and you’re feeling like completely exhausted before the time is up you can take a break this will only fuel your procedure of blog writing later.
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