T-Mobile Trade In program Lets Users Buy iphone 5 for $0 Down payment

Are you a T-mobile fun? If so then you should get this news before it gets late. The T-mobile is currently giving offers to their users by allowing them to replace their old iOP Smartphone with the new one at no down payment.
What you need to do is just to submit your old device and let it be replaced for you with a new one. This is the first time T-Mobile trade in program is going to offer iOP Smartphone so you need to hurry before the end of the offer. This particular interesting offer of the T-Mobile will run until 16th of June this year.
It is meant for a healthy competition with the telecom carriers. By submitting your old iphone 4, you will be able to purchase a new iphone 5 for $0 down payment. The offer is best for the iphone 4 users who can easily get the iphone 5 after submitting the old device to the T-Mobile.
The real price of the new device T-Mobile is allowing its users to buy the new Smartphones on instalment without any contract. This is amazing news especially for T-mobile phone fans.
The iphone 5 is being sold in instalment for a down payment of only $99.99 and thereafter you pay a monthly instalment of $20 for twenty four months. This sounds very interesting. This only applies to those who don’t have the old device for replacement but if you have an iphone 4 then you can get an iphone 5 for no down payment at all.
There are other offer coming with this
This wonderful program will also allow the users who participate to get up to $120 of credit of which they can as well use to pay the instalments for the phone. This is the best opportunity for the users to purchase the current generation phones and enjoy the use of the new devices at a reduced cost and in a very convenient manner.
Another thing that will also be offered is a crystal clear voice calling on this device and this is actually the first carrier to support HD voice feature of the iOP Smartphone.
You should get ready for this and try to get your new device fast while the offer is still ongoing because it is only for a short period of time. The offer is actually ending on June 16th and after that you will be required to buy the phone on the regular sales.
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