How great wrapping makes for great service

An article looking at how businesses of all kinds can benefit through using the right type of tissue packaging for their goods.Below writeup shows how great wrapping makes for great service
Your customer has just handed over a delicate item of clothing that they want to pay for. Do you fold it, put it in a carrier and hand it over before taking their payment? Or do you go just one step further and wrap it in tissue before placing it in the bag?

wrapping makes for great service

Does it really matter? Well, yes it does, in many cases. While it may not be first on a customer’s wish list when they’re shopping, they will also notice the places that add a finishing touch or go the extra mile. Whatever products you’re selling will always benefit from an attractive wrapping. Clothes keep their shape better, delicate and breakable items are a little more protected and your items won’t end up lurking in the bottom of a carrier bag. There are plenty of wholesale tissue paper options, especially if you buy in bulk, that will add a nice finishing touch without costing you the earth.
Gift wrapping service.
You may also want to offer a gift-wrapping service, either complimentary or one for which you charge a small fee. If you are charging your customers, then you need to make sure you are offering high-quality products they are happy to pay for. Acid-free tissue paper is perfect to use with metal or leather products, or anything containing a delicate dye, so it’s a good idea to choose this if you are selling any of these type of products. You can also choose from an array of coloured paper, printed paper, metallic finish or designer prints.
It’s important that your packaging reflects your style as a company.
So, for example, if you’re selling high-end crockery, you will probably want to choose a simple, white wrapping, while if your company is kitsch and kooky, then brighter, bolder colours with eye-catching designs will be more appropriate. You’ll be able to purchase almost any wholesale tissue paper in bulk, so make sure you pick something you’re happy with and order in plenty each time.
If you really want to pull out the stops, you could add some of your company branding to your wrapping. A delicate motif or outline logo on your wrapping will serve to strengthen your brand, especially if you are using branded bags as well. Or you could just opt to use wrapping in your company colours (such as the colours of your logo) if you want to create some extra consistency for your customers. These are obviously a bit more expensive but can be worth the outlay if you are making your name a little more embedded in your customers’ minds.
Promoting your business is a never-ending task and thinking up new and different ways to offer a great service to your customers can sometimes be a challenge. But with wholesale tissue paper becoming increasingly available, it’s certainly worth considering.
Alicee Aires is a retail marketing specialist who advises companies on everything from shop fittings to packaging options. She is a big advocate of using the right wrapping to best effect for giving customers a great service.

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