Throwing the Perfect Comic Book Party for Your Little Superhero

New Perfect Comic Book Party Tips


KA-POW! Whether you’re the proud parent of a tiny super hero or heroine, you have the ability to give them the kind of comic book-themed party they have always wanted. Take care of the basics, such as your guest list, location and choosing a day and time. With these details taken care of, there is more time for the fun stuff!

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Awesome Invitations
If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you could create custom birthday party invitations. Include photocopies of original comic book strips or simply bright colors and classic phrases such as “pow” or “bang” within comic sound bubbles. For the less crafty among us, you can also find many ready-made comic-themed invitations online. The invitations will be your guests first impression of the party—make them good!


Super-powered Decorations


Take a page from comics – literally. Grab a comic that you don’t mind parting with (don’t cut up a vintage Superman!). Using pages from the book, you can create bunting to decorate your home.


Also, check out online poster retailers and purchase posters that feature your child’s favorite comic book characters and hang them up. You can even purchase some life-size standouts to scatter around the party room (a great picture opportunity!).


Balloons are a cheap and easy decoration to incorporate into your party’s theme. Choose them in colors that will coordinate well with your overall color scheme. For a comic book-themed party, you’ll want to stick with bold colors.


Delicious Food


You can never predict just how successful a child’s birthday party will go, but one thing is for sure: The cake can make all the difference. You can choose to get as elaborate as you’d like when it comes to decorating the birthday cake. If creating a cake is too huge of a task in addition to everything else you have to plan, you could call in a professional to take on the challenge. Just be sure to incorporate elements of what your child loves. Personalize your child’s cake by using an action figure as a cake topper.


Other than the cake, opt for simple finger foods because they make for the easiest clean up. Grilled cheese sandwiches, vegetables and dip, chicken fingers and pretzels are all delicious but simple to serve. Plus, kids love them! Fajitas are also fun for kids. They get to choose which ingredients to include in building their perfectly edible creation.


Super Activities


Once the kids are pumped full of sugar, they are going to want to have some activities. You can have the kids craft their own superhero masks. You’ll need simple supplies that include:


Construction paper

Small scissors


Elastic string

Glue sticks (less messy than a bottle of glue)


  • Cut a basic face mask shape. Make enough that each child at the party will have one.
  • Poke a hole on the left and right edge of the mask.
  • Cut elastic string at a length that will comfortably fit around a child’s head.
  • Place string through the holes and tape the ends of the string in place.
  • Now that the base for the mask is complete, use additional construction paper to create shapes such as lightning bolts, stars, and wings.


Designate an arts and crafts area at the party and put the masks and shapes there for the kids to decorate.


Allow kids to choose whatever shapes they like and glue those to their mask.

While the kids are busy interacting and eating, their masks will be drying. Once the masks are completely dry, they will have a nice souvenir to take with them. For added fun, they can come up with their own superhero names!


Radioactive Goodie Bags


Send the party attendees on their way with goodie bags full of cool items that when they’re using them, will instantly remind them of the great party you threw.

Include fun and useful items such as:


  • a comic
  • super hero logo buttons
  • sidewalk chalk
  • action figures


Now your child and their friends have been gathered, fed and given freedom to play and be their super selves. Enjoy the time spent with your little one and take a moment to relax after a job well done.Whew, all in the day of a superhero!


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Heather Preston is a binder-making ninja with a caffeine bloodstream and a tendency to plan parties. She is always on the lookout for awesome party supplies, like invitations from PaperStyle, and is open to new suggestions—so come say hi!

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