Complete guide on beard transplant and how much does it cost?


Are you looking for a guide on beard transplant? If so, then you need to read this post. It involves plastic, but this article is mainly for men who need transplant beards for specific reasons. 

This process involves so many things of the transplant procedures, which is via the FUE method. The practice has become popular nowadays, not like before. Check the below guide on beard transplant and how much it cost. 

What is beard transplant surgery?

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This functions the same as the traditional restoration of the hair. The 

beard transplant surgery involves the transplantation of the hair from your body to beards. This procedure may be carried effectively, and the treatment consists of the restoration of lost hair. Note, transplantation does not take if you do not have even a beard. Maybe you had beads and lost them. The good thing with it after treatment, you can go back home the same day. 

What you need to know about the beard surgery 

This process is like other types of transplants. You need to follow some of the restorations for the beard. 

The hair used for the beard transplant comes from the donor himself but not from someone else. This is why this method is recommendable one is not effective because hair is yours and will not harm you. 

The doctor for transplant normally takes the hair off your back head, which is permanent to your beard. The method used here is called FUR (follicle unit extra unit extraction). There are various method options you can try, such as FUT. 

Before starting any of the procedures, you discuss the method with your doctor and see the method you see is best for you. However, this method depends on your health. It does not work well for all people. 

The beard transplant should be taken from your head, chest, armpit, and other parts of your body. Beard transplant is not stressful, and the patient can return to work the same day and no effects.

After the transplant, you may see some swelling around the donor-recipient. This can happen a few days or even a week. After three months, you will notice signs of hair growth. But after a year, you may have them fully covered. 

The reason why you need to consider beard transplants 

You may need to undergo beard transplant treatments for different reasons. You may consider cosmetic or medical reasons. If you face facial problems and think doing a beard transplant may be the right choice for you, you are wrong. 

This method may help you to regain natural-looking hair on the beard area. It takes you a few hours, and you are free to do other work. The treatment is visible to the patient; therefore, no need to fear anything else. 

You can as well explain to your friends and relatives how you feel after the transplant. This helps you to gain 

more of the experience. 

How the beard surgery performed

If you think of doing a hair beard transplant, you may need to know about the performance. The techniques of the beard and hair transplant are not much different. The hair that grows on the beard is permanent and is taken from the back of your head. Most people prefer FUE as one of the methods best for beard transplant. The follicle is removed individually slowly without injuring your skin. You may not feel much of the pain. After treatment, you may stay for a few months, and you are recovered. 

Beard transplant cost 

This is another important thing you need to know if the cost of the transplant is affordable. However, the cost is not as cheap as you think. You can get it up to $15000. You can discuss the payment plan with your doctor during the consultation. The surgeon will provide you with a different payment plan. You can pay the full amount or upfront if you cannot afford not to put yourself in financial crises. 

Before starting the treatment, your doctor will have to examine your scalp and face before starting the process. From here, the doctor will know how much to charge you depending on the area to plant and your health. The cost will depend on the doctor who operated on you. However, not seeking a cheap doctor who is not qualified may bring you many problems. 

It is important to ask the amount required for everything before starting. You will know the budget if you can afford it or not. Everything has a procedure and its price. Men who need to do beard transplants will need to spend much of the money on that. To get every procedure down with the price, you need to ask the doctor. 

The price of the transplant changes according to the clinic you visit. Note the treating of the physician estimates the final cost. 

Final Word 

Beard Transplant is one way to fill the gap in your beards. It helps you to grow beards where they have lost or not grown before. You need to read this post and consider some of the guides you need to look at before planning to get the beard implant soon. I hope this helps you.

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