4 Common Compulsive Shopping Mistakes & How to Avoid Them!


Shopping can be a real enjoyable experience. A way to spend a free day or spend time amongst all the pretty treats out there. But for many it becomes a chore, something you dread doing and something that causes way too much angst than it should! Even if you love fashion, many of us don’t enjoy the actual experience of shopping and the tension it can cause. Some people just venture out when they really, really have to and avoid it for as long as they can.

Compulsive Shopping

If you love style and the fashion world but hate to shop, you may be making these  Common Compulsive Shopping Mistakes . Let the experience become one of joy and contentment for you, rather than a pain –


  • You go in with a defeatist attitude – Not liking to shop is one thing, but if you start dreading it even before you hit the stores, you are setting yourself up for failure! You go in hating your body or already unnerved at the thought of not finding something you will like. Take a deep breath and keep calm. This is supposed to be an enjoyable experience not torture! If you are already in a bad mood and hate to shop then avoid it, and if you truly have to go make sure you remember this experience is about making yourself feel better and not worse. Don’t wander in already thinking that you are going to hate everything in the store.


  • You get overwhelmed – Many shoppers get absolutely frazzled with the thought of big department stores filled with racks of clothing and accessories. Whether it is gemstone jewellery you want to browse through or buy a new pair of jeans, if you are one of those who get overwhelmed make a list and zero in on only those sections of the store that concern you. If even that makes you a little tense make a very detailed list say you want to look at only blue denim for example or a diamond bracelet. Make it easier and cut out the distractions.


  • You let the clothes dictate your mood – We all fall prey to dressing room woes. If the clothes don’t fit right we immediately start berating ourselves. Remember you don’t have to make your body work for the clothes but the clothes for you. If a certain shirt doesn’t fit right, another will. It can be as simple as that! Don’t let a few unflattering tries ruin your entire experience. Unflattering dressing room lights, weirdly cut clothing and more can really add to the overall feeling of negativity. Remember it is not you. And another mistake women make while shopping, trying to squeeze into too small clothing either hoping you are that size or want to be one day. All it does is fuel self dissatisfaction and is never healthy. Look for gorgeous well fitting clothes in the size you are now!


  • You look at the same stuff over and over again – Shopping can be a chance to play dress up, a fun adult version where you get to buy those beauties and go home with them! Make it fun by experimenting and trying different looks. If you keep going for the same old kinds of pieces over and over again, it can get super monotonous and boring. It might also lead you to a fabulous outfit that you can save and keep for when the need to wear it arises or a new look that you previously thought you couldn’t carry off. Have fun with fashion, it makes a world of a difference to how you view shopping.


Remember there will always be shopping disasters and victories. When things don’t go your way brush it off and plan another shopping trip. Change the way you think about it and it won’t be that serious an issue for you any more!


Bio –


Anita Shaw is a style blogger and a serious fashionista. Whether it is the latest apparel at her favourite store or gemstone jewellery twinkling in the window she loves to shop and window shop. When not writing you will find her hiking with her two dogs.


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