How to Cope 3 Ways to Deal with Inevitable Travel Annoyances

3 Ways dealing with stress and anxiety of Travel Annoyances
Take a deep breath.
I know, I’ve been there. I’ve been on the road for 22 months and know that traveling can be stressful — the plane delays, the cancellations, the rooms that are not as nice as advertised. If you are not up on your mental game, these seemingly small issues can entirely ruin your whole trip.
While it is understandable that things will happen, I have seen one too many people totally let the bad stuff overtake everything else — they leave feeling cheated and no one wants to feel that way at the end of their expensive vacation. Breathing slowly is just one tip to help you crush your travel-related annoyances quickly. Go ahead, try it.
 Travel Annoyances
Breathe Deeply
Breathing deeply slows down your thoughts and feelings. Few people know this but then again, few people take the time to follow their breathing each day — we just react to everything automatically.
As you slow down your breathing you can begin to observe annoyances instead of reacting to these feelings. You do not need to stress or freak out each time a flight is cancelled, or a train is delayed, or your hotel room, advertised to be nice, is a rat hole. Nope, you can breathe slowly and deeply in the moment and proceed to have a great day, no matter what happens.
Breathe deeply a few times in the morning, afternoon and evening, to slow down your thoughts and increase your overall peace of mind. This simple practice is an awareness-expanding exercise which quickly reveals your thoughts and feelings to you, up close and personal.
Accept the Rigors of Travel
Some folks never expect to deal with delays, or rude tourists, or any of the stuff which you will face when on the road. These moments are simply part of the game, and although you do not necessarily want to expect resistance or low-energy people, you better expect the unexpected when it comes to hitting the road.
You will face rude people, but never take it personally. Their rudeness has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. Relax and accept this as part of the travel game; you will meet people from many different cultures who practice different social behaviors. They may not place as much importance on respecting a line, but just remember that your social rules are different and you probably do things that others find irritating too.
You must be willing to embrace any situation if you are to avoid annoyances. Be at peace. Accept that traveling comes with some upsides and downsides, and if you are willing to embrace the downsides of hitting the road you will see that these negatives are not so negative after all.
Plan Ahead
I ran into more than a few annoying situations during my current trip because I did not plan ahead. I did not take the time to research or to learn more about a location, and in the long run it hurt me and created agitating moments. Do your research. Some taxi drivers might have no clue where you want to go, even if it is a smaller, local town. You must expect that not every driver knows the town like the back of their hand, as they should, so pull out a map and gain an idea of where you would like to visit before visiting.
Do not assume. This basic idea will save you a world of headaches down the road and now because thinkers, or people who do at least a bit of mental and physical legwork, save themselves precious time and energy, especially in the travel world. When you know how to get to a location, sticking to a few basic roads, you can tell your taxi driver or you might even be able to take public transport for a cheaper alternative.
Most of all, enjoy your trip. If you can afford to travel life is not so bad, or annoying.
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